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How can you tell if a cat is spayed?

Asked by jrpowell (40542points) February 5th, 2008

I just adopted a cat and need to have this checked.. How hard/expensive is it to have this checked. Do they have to go inside to take a look? Can this be determined by viewing the externals?

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The easiest method is to have a vet clinic shave the area and look for a scar. An experienced tech or vet may even be able to palpate her and feel a suture line. If those methods don’t work, they may have to take her to surgery.

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Thanks syz.. Hopefully they don’t have to cut into my cat to check. And to add to the question. Can a vet determine the age of a cat? If yes, about how accurate is there estimate?

I am new to pet ownership.

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If it is an adult cat, it will be an educated guess based on overall condition and what the teeth look like. How accurate is hard to say – depends on their skill, I guess.

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john, take her to the vet to be checked out generally, to establish a relationship with the vet, and to answer all the questions you may have. spending this money on her now will put your anxieties to rest and give the two of you a wonderful head start. fluther is not
the ultimate place to ask vet questions, just a very good beginning.

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sprayed cat sleeps longer, but a shave in the area is the only way to be certain.

beans, kiki also weigh 16+ pounds

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