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How does one go about getting a script for a TV show into the right hands?

Asked by Hellfrost (166points) October 25th, 2009

I was wondering how one could safely get a script for a TV show into the right hands. By right hands I mean someone who could give some constructive criticism and aid on the path to actually making a pitch to a network and shooting a pilot?

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If you are in college, then take a script writing class. Usually they will be able to get it into the right hands. Thats how it is at my school.

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OK.. I really have nothing to do with this site. But a friend and fellow flutherer made it. And a ex-mod coded it and another person on Fluther did the graphics. I’m not pimping it but you might find it useful.

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Start with school.
Then take the necessary classes.
You’ll get connections.

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By not placing it in the left hands?

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Eh. Kind of a weak effort on my part.

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@AstroChuck lol that was very helpful.

Thanks for the advice John, Jack and Trouble. I

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