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Can someone please help me work through my thoughts about the Chiropractic vs. Medicine thing?

Asked by sarah826 (446points) October 26th, 2009

Ok so. I’m the 13-year-old girl with parents that don’t do MDs that has asthma that you’ve been reading about on here.
Well. On Saturday, my mom went to this seminar thing at our chiropractor about how terrible vaccines are. I was like, “Oh boy, more propaganda.” But everything made sense! And it really sounded like the real deal. He’s got ALL the documentation and everything. Google “Dr. Pete Wurdemann” and you’ll get all his stuff. Then there’s the MD’s. Their stuff makes sense, too! I just really don’t know what to believe and I’m kind of uptight about it. You would be, too, if you lived in my house. My mom is great, really great. You might think she’s some kind of ogre, but she’s the greatest. Except for her crazy ideas. And she’s of the opinion that she should make up my opinions and stuff, so if I ever even suggest that I don’t believe what she believes, I’m in for it. Not really seriously in for it, but I would get some stuff like cleaning the kitchen by myself and raking the whole yard (we’ve got a big yard).
Sorry about the long schpiel, but I seriously needed to get it out.
So my question:
What’s your opinion? And what should I do?

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Hey Sarah,

Welcome to the grown-up world! It’s really hard to start to think for yourself and it’s really hard for parents to realize that their kids need to become their own people. Over the years, my sons have made me grow and change some of my fundamental ideas as they became themselves and we discussed/argued about things together.You are now getting to the age when it’s very appropriate for you to think things through on your own. Maybe you can try to talk to your Mom some about this and ask her to be open to discussing other ideas with you as have them. If she isn’t, use this or other forums and people and begin to sort things out for yourself, even if it will be some time before you can gain independence.

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Here’s one way to start to separate out what is believable, and what is not believable about medical claims: Start out by going to the largest, most well-known medical organizations (as one suggestion, let’s say the Mayo Clinic.) Go to their website, and see if they offer to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or if they have some material you can download about the questions you want answered. Read carefully, and if there are things you don’t understand, ask people to help you understand them (Fluther is a fine place to do this.)

I suggest that you not be tempted to just do a general web search, or to look on Wikipedia, because you may not be getting the best information. Instead think of the most famous places you know (another example might be Harvard Medical School.)

Once you believe that you have done sufficient real research to answer your questions, check what you think you know with other sources, and see if they agree. Eventually you will find the best consensus.

When you are pretty sure you have discovered an answer that you believe and feel comfortable with, stick to your guns, even if the person who disagrees with you is an adult. Adults don’t know everything, and chances are they haven’t done the work that you will have done to discover the answers to your questions.

You can apply these same rules to any field. If you are not sure what the authoritative sources are for that field, again, Fluther can be a good place to begin.

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The question about vaccinations is a really big debate. There are people who believe all sorts of things in terms of vaccines.

The important thing is that you look at the evidence, who created the evidence, and who is distributing the evidence.

So you read the evidence and see if it makes sense. If it does look at who did the research, is it someone who might have a bias? For example: A group called “chiropractors against vaccines” might not produce the most unbiased research. Then look at the credibility of the person distributing the information. If you are doing all of these things then you are well-educated and on the right path.

It is absolutely okay if you still can’t make up your mind on the issue. Many people never do. They just stay informed and educated on the topic and make decisions as necessary. So if a vaccine comes out and you find many people are getting horribly ill and hospitalized if they don’t have the vaccine you may just decide to go ahead and get it. That doesn’t mean you think all vaccines are great but in this circumstance you did a risk-benefit analysis and made the best choice.

No one can tell you what to believe when you are well educated. Just allow yourself to hear both sides of the argument and keep doing what you are already doing.

It sounds like you are on a good path to me. Your using your brain and that is what counts (for these types of things anyways).

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Thanks everybody.

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I am an adult, but I still go back and forth with the entire sphere of health practices. My dad was an M.D. So you can understand what I was raised to think about Chiropractors. However, physicians are still practicing medcine.

The Fluther above has given great advice – I simply wanted to add that I have lived over twice as long as you, and I am not sure where I stand on some medical issues. And…I am not stressing out over it. I believe there can be a balance of health care you choose to pursue.

Also, just because you see one M.D. doesn’t mean that all other doctors would perscribe the same treatment for your problem.

Oh, you are on Fluther asking questions. You are going to be just fine!

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I guess I’m just stressing out about this because I just can’t seem to make myself agree with my mom, and I can’t bring myself to believe the MDs because of all the info I’ve gotten from the chiropractor.

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@sarah826 It’s ok to disagree. People that really care about you should understand that part of growing up is making making your own judgments. You can’t be you’re own person until you’re free to make up your mind for yourself on every matter, not just when you agree with your mom. I hope your mother understands that.

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