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Is it ok for me to have one drink on Saturday, even though I am on meds?

Asked by shego (11093points) October 26th, 2009

I am taking my crazy pills, and sleeping pills, and I wasn’t expecting to be on any meds. So…. I am going to be going out with some friends after we go trick or treating, and I would like to know if I can have a drink, or should I just stick with the sugar high, and soda?

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If your medicine says not to drink, it says it for a reason. I’d ask a doctor – better safe than sorry, right? (:

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If your meds indicate that you should not drink, then you should not drink. What the possible outcomes could be depends on what the medications are. For specifics, you could ask your doctor.

Sometimes it can mean reduced effectiveness for the medication, sometimes it can lead to potentially life threatening complications.

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Not with sleeping pills. Never, ever, ever with sleeping pills.

However, if you were to not take the sleeping pill that night, it might be ok to have one drink. You need to look up the mediation you’re on, though, and make sure that its ok to drink with that one. Most “crazy pills” (all that I can think of, but then I don’t know what you’re on) are metabolized by the liver, the same place that metabolized alcohol, and your body handles alcohol differently on those medications.

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@shego If you feel like you’d be pestered less with a drink in hand (but you won’t actually drink more than a sip or two) then get one. However, if you think you will actually drink, forgo that and stick to a virgin drink. I usually ask for OJ, white soda with a splash of cranberry juice if the place I go doesn’t have virgin blended drinks like margaritas or daiquiris.

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Depends on your ‘crazy pills’.

Better to play it safe and not drink. Make a fun punch or something- Bloody Mary (Sprite, Grenadine and peeled grapes for eyeball floaters). Then you won’t feel like you’re not celebrating.

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Mixing alcohol and sleeping pills is a really bad idea, even in small quantities.

Mixing crazy pills and alcohol can be a bad combo, depending on what your crazy pills are, but really anything that messes with your brain chemistry can be a bad mix with alcohol (which also messes with brain chemistry, or at least function)

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@grumpyfish I agree, anti-depressants do not mix with alcohol
(depressant + anti-depressant =TROUBLE)

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I had a couple bottles of wine Saturday night, I’m on Prosac, and the only real detrimental effect was that I was overly-drowsy all day Sunday. I took like two naps to get back in the swing. That was my first over-indulgence of alcohol in 3 years. Next time, (this Friday) I’m going to drink, but not quite so much. Maybe just one bottle of wine.

Life is about choices, your results may vary.

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I wouldn’t take them together, but I find it’s okay to enjoy a few drinks while on “crazy meds” it does depend on which medication though. Normal SSRIs are fine with alcohol but anti-psychotics will make you extremely drowsy if you drink.

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Thanks. I am going to see If my meds will allow to drink, but if not, I think I will just stick to the sugar rush, and soda.

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Mixing alcohol with either- let alone BOTH is a huge no-no. It doesn’t sound worth the gamble either- it’s not like this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Stick with soda and offer to be the designated driver. They’ll owe you when you’re not on the meds. I don’t think you’ll regret NOT drinking, but you may seriously regret it if you do.

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