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New iPhone/iPod touch: $100, 16GB or phone ability?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) February 5th, 2008

Quick! Choose between the 16GB iPhone or 32 GB iPod Touch, either for $499. Or do you keep $100 in your pocket (going with the next lowest RAM option for either one at $399).

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iPhone 16GB. RAM?

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I have a 8 Gig Touch. I have about 300 Gigs of music/movies/picture and don’t have a problem. I have a smart playlist that contains my last 4 Gigs of music played on my computer. I manage my video by hand and I don’t really keep any pictures on it.

And Amazon has the 8 Gig touch for 260 right now.

Do you need the phone part? That seems like it should influence your decision more than capacity.

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8 gig iphone works great for me. This way I dont have to put all my bad music on my ipod; it forces me to be selective. It’s wonderful.

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The 16GB iPhone. You can put lots of music and some movies on there, and you have web access anywhere—not just when you’re in wifi range. 8GB isn’t enough room; 32GB would be better, but having the phone option—and not having to carry a separate phone—is better. Plus the iPhone has volume buttons on the side and the headphones that can click to advance to the next track.

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If you plan on having for a little while, then I’d say go bigger for sure. The $100 is going to seem like nothing in about a year when your media content has expanded and changed. You’ll be wishing so bad that you got the bigger one.

Especially once the apps start rolling in. You never know what kinda of media they’ll bring into the mix.

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bigger GB for sure and yes the iPhone its worth the extra money

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bigger capacity in anticipation of larger size media as in rental movies etc. Plus all of the above

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I keep the $499 in my pocket.

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the iPhone for sure.

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