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Can you really balance an egg on its tip on Solstice?

Asked by occ (4083points) December 22nd, 2006
I have heard this, but I've never tried it. Unfortunately, Solstice was yesterday and I missed my chance. Also, I have heard that you can always balance an egg on its tip if you are at the equator. True or false??
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Try it at the equinoxes. We did it last March, for about 20 seonds, but remember to synchronize yr watches and check the EXACT time.
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Will have to think about the equator is not parallel to the earth's path around the sun except on the equinoxes because earth's axis tilts, again in relation to earth's path - aka ecliptic.
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On the solstices you will get a splat, so try yr egg in frying pan w. a little sizzling butter. Not a complicated issue, but requires a chapter or two in celestial mechanics -the Dummies version. Fluther version is mini-one.
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Grovel, grovel. Apparently that is an urban legend and w. patience, one can stand an egg on end anytime.
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For tons of info and pix of eggs standing around on Oct.25, 1998;
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You can balance an egg anytime. Snopes has a good explanation of the urban legend.
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I just went and did this!

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If you are patient enough you can balance an egg on its end anytime. The entire thing about equinoxes and equators is an urban legend.

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The easiest way to do this is the conjurer’s method.
Lick your finger to moisten the sharp end of the egg, then add a few grains of salt, Hey Presto a standing egg 24/7 all year.

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