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Is space the final frontier?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) December 30th, 2021 from iPhone

Star Trek quote.

Does this ring true still?

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There are still so many things we don’t know about the ocean. A lot of things down there still remain a mystery. Just look at how many strange creatures and phenomena under the ocean.

The ocean is so mysterious yet it often left out in the conversation.

Another frontier that we still haven’t explored properly yet is the brain. We still don’t know how our brain works in certain ways. Psychology only started in the 19th century, and until recently it was considered a woo-woo study into the crazy. We still don’t know much about common things like why we dream and the cause of depression.

Should we exhaust places to explore, the brain could very much be the final frontier.

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We are not there yet . . .!

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Only as far as one can see it is.

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But it’s likely to remain unexplored, if we continue to let rotten politics wreck what little progress we’ve made here on earth.

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I would say no.
Trans-dimensional exploration is an awesome idea.

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Heavens to murgatroid!
We don’t even know if we have located all human communities on Earth. It is believed that not only are there numerous critter species undiscovered in the Amazon forest, but possibly some human communities still cut off and undiscovered by the outside world. I think the same goes for part of Brazil?

@Mimishu1995, excellent answer!

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Space may be the final frontier but there are lots of frontiers here on Earth to be tackled before that. At the moment the wagon trains have been halted by a vast sea of nothingness and all those who venture into it are compelled to return.

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10 dimensional space-time is the next frontier.

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I’m all in favor of pushing on out in space, but I also like @Patty_Melt thought about unexplored regions on our own planet. I envision myself in safari jacket and bush hat, pushing into the Amazonian rain forest, or exploring still little known regions of the Congo Basin. Of only I had the money : (

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If only. Stupid typos. Wonder if Trader Horn or Jungle Jim ever made typos?

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I agree with @Mimishu1995. Let’s explore the brain! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could conquer at least depression in the next 50 years?!

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I’m thinking the two are connected. If we mastered the human brain, I bet it would reveal space travel without need for wormholes, or, what do they call that potential means of making some sort of force field that would make a ship slippery? I bet we don’t need any of that stuff if we mastered the horizons of the brain.

I think cats have already achieved it. That look in their eyes, you know?

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The brain. What is this blob of gray matter that is aware of its own existence?

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It only believes it is aware of itself. Doesn’t it constantly play tricks on its vehicle?
So often we can’t believe our eyes, our ears, but what does the processing? The brain.
How is it a brain can mess with you, unless it actually is more than one entity.
Mull that over.

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