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Are you fascinated by the search for extraterrestrial life?

Asked by philosopher (9065points) January 12th, 2014

I watched this show and thought others might enjoy it.
Kepler has discovered many other stars and planets.
Watch here.

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I’m fascinated by the science behind it. The chance we will find ET is so vanishingly small that I don’t think it will ever happen. But the science is good.

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No. We already found you. We’re a bit… disappointed.

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I wish they’d spend more effort trying to find intelligent life in Washington D.C.

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As long as it is not taxpayer money, I think it is really cool.

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Yes, it is fascinating. It really takes one away from petty and parochial things—like the source of financing for these projects.

@josie Taxpayers don’t print money.

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I’m interested in any type of research on this level, and hopefully in the not so far future we will be able to view the actual surfaces of some of these planets. To be honest though I would highly doubt we’ll find intelligent life elsewhere anytime soon, for these entities either don’t live anywhere near us, are restricted by travel limitations, aren’t intelligent enough to respond to us or have a completely different way of communicating.

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The universe is enormous. Eventually they will discover an Earth like planet. We do not have means to get there. Although fusion energy is being explored. It won’t be available any time soon.
Some Astronauts have said, they were observed in space.
I think it is human nature to explore. Discoveries have been made in space that can not be made here.
Humanity will eventually need more room and our galaxy will not exist forever.
I enjoy watching and reading about science.

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Both parties need to go.
I dislike Politicians. Science is much more interesting.

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@philosopher If relativists are correct, then travel to other planets, even the ‘close’ ones would be impossible since nothing can move faster than light, though the universe is expanding faster than light speed it appears. Quantum entanglment is another interesting example demonstrating greater than light speed reactions.

Multiverse theory seems unlikely too as a savior since according to what I know about this hypothesis it would be impossible for one universe to communicate with another. Michio Kaku hasn’t convinced of this possible alternative.

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@josie The Kepler mission was funded by NASA. Its purpose wasn’t to search for ET, but to find and study extrasolar planets. It was amazingly successful and a lot of good science was done.

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I’m not extremely fascinated about the search for life on other planets, although I find the idea interesting. I am more fascinated by the universe in general terms. It’s so beyond comprehension (at least for me) how vast, beautiful, and complex it is.

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I am amused by your assumption that we even use radio to transmit messages.
Foolish apes.

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Interested yes. Fascinated, not so much.

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I enjoy watching Dr. kaku on Science Channel and reading his books. Quantum Physics is mine boggling. Our world (Universe) is probably not what we perceive.
Multi universes makes sense to me.

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All life on Earth is related and it is an intriguing thought that life may have developed elsewhere in the universe from a different origin. I’m pessimistic about finding it as the universe is too big but I am curious. I think we will be able to simulate life in giant computers before we find it on other worlds.

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I think it is interesting. I know we can’t be the only planet with life, but I think they are too far away to ever know. I think we would find worlds populated with animals, like ours was before humans came along. I guess anything that happened once can happen again, so there might be intelligent life out there, but most populated worlds (I think) would just be animals. Since infinity doesn’t exist in our world, I wonder, like @JLeslie , what the universe really is. Doesn’t it have to end somewhere, somehow. If you get to the end of the universe, will you fall off the edge? Run into a wall. There are so many questions and not enough answers.

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@philosopher I’m open to the concept of other dimensions, just not in the way that most multiverse supporters propose.

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There is No proof only theories but, the math says multiverses make sense. I do not think anyone is sure.

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