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Where can I find a HTML cataloging program?

Asked by webman1 (12points) February 7th, 2008

I’ve posted this in other places and here with no answers in dozens of tries. Does Anyone know of a windows program that will catalog all of your html pages on your hard drive as images? I have over 900 templates of which some come with images in a .psd,.jpg, ,gif,.png, etc file format that allow programs like Piccasa from Google and others to use those images to catalog my images as thumbnails which is awesome but I’m looking for a program that will scan my hard drive and basically take a screen capture of the index pages so I can see the template look and feel without having to open every index file and using something like SnagIT to compose a screen capture? While I’m at, is there one for Flash that’ll do tthe same thing? Any advice from experience?

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there is a firefox extension that will take a web page and save it as a .png

I suppose you could highlight all your files and right click – select open with firefox and then copy to PNG 900 using 900 tabs. organization is a huge problem.

I don’t think there is a demand to meet the task of making such software. You might have to be the first person to build it.

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Well, if you posted it here, why do you think posting the same question again will get you a helpful answer?

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