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What's the difference between using tap water or bottled water in a coffee maker?

Asked by skar138 (154points) February 8th, 2008
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It depends on what’s in your bottled water. If you can minimize minerals, chlorine and other contaminants, your coffee maker will stay cleaner and work longer. (I have a hard time believing that anyone would be able to taste a difference.) Distilled water would probably technically be best.

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I prefer to use bottled water when making my coffee, because it not only helps with keeping your coffee maker clean and run longer, but also makes the coffee taste better in my opinion. There’s definitely a difference when I brewed a pot of coffee using tap water vs. filtered.

Good coffee begins with freshly ground coffee beans before you brew and filtered water.

Good Luck!

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water is not all the same! as above, distilled water is what you want because of the minimal amount of minerals, chemicals, etc. i can taste the difference, just i as can taste a difference between different bottled waters.

great coffee begins with a clean coffee maker! it doesn’t matter how high of quality ingredients you put in, if there’s already sludge sitting in your coffee maker you will get bad coffee.

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I’ve been just using tap water, but I have a Brita and want to start using that more to help keep the machine clean.

I have a Cuisinart that has a water filter built into it too which is cool. I gotta remember to change it once in a while :D

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It depends on the tap water where you live, as well – if you’re in a “hard water” area then I’d run it through a Brita first. A lot of bottled water really isn’t much “cleaner” than tap water, and also you have all the waste that comes along with using bottled water.

So, my suggestion is buy a brita or some other filter.

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If you have a water softener for all of your water faucets, the salt from the softener can change the taste of coffee.

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