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Why does FedEx (and to a lesser extent, UPS) take so long to ship packages that take the USPS about half the time?

Asked by evegrimm (3714points) November 2nd, 2009

For instance, I have a package that is in my home state, relatively close by, and the projected arrival date for it is in 3 days.

UPS is much the same; shipping times are often a week or more after the items has shipped. (These are not overseas packages.)

However, the USPS never takes more than 3 or 4 days, at least within the contiguous United States.

What gives?

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Because, if I’m not mistaken, both FedEx and UPS have all their packages go through their same centrally located processing center regardless if something is going across the country or just across town. The USPS sends their mail through their various MSPs (regional processing facilities).

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That is a very good question. I have always loved the USPS and always wondered how they shipped all those millions of packages with such efficiency. Government run system that actually works! Sorry not an answer but just wanted to put my opinion out there. :-)

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This honestly has not been my experience. I’ve found ups and fedex more reliable. As far as local shipments go, usps is fine if your item is small, but otherwise I still trust a different carrier a little better.

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I was going to say because the USPS has @AstroChuck to get the job done properly!!!

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@Tenpinmaster The postal service does not work very well. It lost 2.8 Billion dollars in 2008 and is heavily subsidized by taxes. Your 42 cent stamp costs taxpayers a lot more. As for the actual question, FedEx and UPS can have a package delivered in most cases overnight, just like the USPS. It just costs more to send it that way.

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What’s funny is that we often get packages to deliver that started out with UPS or FedEx. Kind of a ripoff for people who spend more sending parcels through them only to have them turn around and send them through us. Also, that’s got to add at least a day to delivery time.

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@missingbite- “FedEx and UPS can have a package delivered in most cases overnight, just like the USPS.”

Not if you expect a weekend delivery. USPS delivers overnight everyday, including holidays.

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@AstroChuck Check their websites. Both offer Saturday delivery.

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In my very tiny town, in order to post a letter to the neighboring very tiny town, the mail gets routed through Albany (and then back.)

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because private companies are inherently faster and more efficient than their evil – publicly funded and run socialist counterparts…. oh wait

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@missingbite- Thats new, then. I know for a fact that they don’t deliver on Sundays or holidays.

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Because it takes 50 years for the FedEx guys to put on those scary spandex outfits. yick

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My experience has definitely been the opposite.

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