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Why can't I import Garage Band clips of songs into iTunes?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) November 3rd, 2009

Using a MacBook Pro, I recently began a project in which I was using Garage Band to cut songs into short 20–30 second clips for a church activity. I simply started a project using the loops setup, dragged in my music, edited them into small clips, imported them into iTunes, turned them into MP3s, renamed them, and finally put them in a playlist to be used later. It was going well for the first two songs, but I’ve run into trouble importing a third edited clip into iTunes. It was saved just the same way the others were, and the project and Garage Band were closed. When I selected File > Add To Library and selected the file, there seemed to be no response from the computer. When I tried File > Library > Import Playlist and selected the same file, a dialog box appears saying “An unknown error occurred. (-50)” How do I import this song into iTunes successfully?

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Instead of doing that, click “Share” in the GB menu, then “send song to iTunes” (while your project is open).

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@kevbo is correct. open the project and share it with itunes. you’ll be prompted for file format, etc.

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@kevbo Ding ding ding winner winner chikin dinnar.

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We should have a “Chicken Dinner” award.

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No, it should be a “Calamari Dinner” award with the subtext, “Mmm… tastes like chicken.”

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Even better. Good one!

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everytime I try to import songs off a CD onto itunes it will import the first song then import like maybe 20 seconds of the next 2 or 3 then be done, the songs aren’t complete or sometimes they won’t play at all in the itunes library b/c they weren’t ever really imported. help!!!!

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