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Can you help me cook some dinner?

Asked by bhec10 (6452points) November 4th, 2009

I’m a college student and I have no idea what to cook for my dinner tonight. The ingredients I have are cooking oil, 6 eggs, 2l of milk, 1 kg of rice, 1kg of spaghetti, cheese, some frozen corn, broccoli and green beans.

What to do with them?

I know, I haven’t got any meat today and my resources are a bit limited, that’s why I’m “struggling” here…

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FRIED RICE!!! haha Eggs, Rice, Beans, and Corn well you’ll need soy sauce lols

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Just type in what ingredients you have.

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I’d make a fritatta with the eggs, cheese and vegetables. You can mix those all up, add a little salt and pepper to taste and bake it in the oven for 10 minutes. And there’d be more than one serving so you can heat some up for later.

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I would save the eggs for breakfast since they can stand alone. Steam the brocoli and green beans. Cook the pasta. Toss to combine with salt and pepper. Smother with shredded cheese while hot to finish.

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@aprilsimnel took my idea! Cook broccoli until tender. Beat the eggs with between half and a full cup of milk. Grease a pie tin (or any tin you have that can go in the over). If you don’t have grease or butter—no biggie. Add the broccoli. Shred the cheese over it. Pour the eggs and milk over that. Toss it in the oven. Crust-less broccoli-cheese quiche!

Plus, you can have it for breakfast as well—tastes great hot OR cold.

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Make yourself a 6 egg omelette with: rice, spaghetti, cheese, some frozen corn, broccoli and green beans. Mmm?

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use the spaghetti as an entre with cheese sauce and mix in the broccoli. Simple yet delicious.

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You can pick up a can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken or cream of whatever soup, cook the spaghetti until just before it’s done, mix with the veggies, cover it in shredded cheese, and bake it like a pie. Sounds sorta icky, looks sorta icky, tastes GREAT.

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Thanks a lot for your great suggestions! They all sound really delicious!

I’m gonna go with @kirforce‘s suggestion and cook the pasta and then mix it with the vegetables!

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