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I am officially a swine! H1N1 got me yesterday. how long does the fever last?

Asked by majorrich (14689points) November 5th, 2009

we were planning on visiting my brother and his two kids ‘the apples of my eye. Am I gonna miss his trip?

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I have no idea. I saw a lot of people posting on FB that they got h1n1 yesterday. Very strange. Get better soon, k.

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Did you doctor? I think he can tell you more precisely after check up and all.

One, two weeks, possibly.
Hey, but don’t worry, take rest, drink much water and relax. You’ll be fine sooner!

Edit: The duration of the swine flu is about 7 days. (7th line, 1st FAQ box).

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Aww, bummer. Feel better soon. (I hate missing visits w/family due to illness!)

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Hope you recuperate soon!

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I wish you a speedy recovery! Have a look at this article:

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My son only had a fever for 7 days. I had the worst of the fever for 5 days, but it was less severe after that—no Tylenol needed after day 5). My husband had his fever for over two weeks, but it would come and go…he kept working and needed to just lay in bed for a couple days. After that, he felt a lot better.
So, get some rest, let the fever take it’s course and maybe you’ll be better!

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i had the fever for 3 days ish and still kinda bad afterwards i would say i was 100% after a week or so, it stinksss did you or are you getting tami flu or whatever its called?

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Bummer! Hope you’re better soon!!!

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I am taking Tamiflu and might try oscillo to hurry things along.

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I had fever for about 4 days.

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A kid I knew had it. Took him about 4–5 days to get over it.

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Many said it already, usually 4 days.

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When we all came down with it the doctor said, and I quote: ‘I wouldn’t give Tamiflu to my cat’, she said the side effects are very often worse than the flu itself. We treated the symptoms and just rolled with it like any other flu and we were pretty much fine within a week. I am not advising against taking the meds (please don’t sue me) just relating personal experience. Hope you get better soon

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Yup, just like you guys said. about 3–4 days and the fever was gone. I still can’t eat but just a bit though, which might be a good thing. I’ve lost 8 pounds! Probably mostly Sweat and Poo.

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Good to hear you’re getting healthier! Keep it up!

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@majorrich So glad you’re feeling better.

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