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Is there a panic in your area regarding "swine flu"?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) April 24th, 2009

It’s all over the news here.

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Not in Indiana.

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I don’t know where your “here” is, but it’s big news in San Diego due to the cases here and in Mexico.

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Never heard of it.

Do you live in piggy country?

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I read about it online. It’s a completely new combination of swine and avian flu crossing over to humans, correct? So far, no fatalities… so I’m not too concerned.

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it is not transmitted from pigs, so it has nothing to do with living in piggy country. it is transmitted the way regular flu is, respiratory system. they say wash your hands – that’s the best way. in mexico, thousands have died. the CDC was on the today show this morning and they say they’re “worried.” this concerns me because you know public officials rarely use words like worried, so it must be urgent. they showed in mexico they’re wearing face masks. they say it has come to the US. i think this should be something that concerns everyone. they say like all flus it will affect the old and frail, and we may not be old and frail but we all have parents and family members who are. vulnerable populations means children. we all have children we know.

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not on the east coast.

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I just heard of it on the news this morning at work. Ick.

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@jca: Well, it’s swine flu so it stands to reason having not heard about it…piggies.

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asmo: definitely i could understand teh logic

FIRE MAN: it’s not here yet but it is all over the news. CDC says its on the way.

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And really, I just look for excuses to work ‘piggy’ into any conversation.
piggy piggy piggy

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@asmonet there have been fatalities in mexico. concerns are that in the usa fatalities are more likely amongst young and elderly as we have a lot of those folks in this country.

@fire i believe heard a case has surfaced in NYC

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just reported, now 8 cases in ny

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I was wrong… no fatalities so far in the US.

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Not exactly panic – but people were talking about it at work on Friday (in Los Angeles)

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UPDATE: Everybody’s talking about it this morning. And of course – our office hypochondriac is sure he has it because he just sneezed lol

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It’s big news here in the UK. Our first two suspected victims have been identified, having recently come back from honeymoon in Mexico.

I think it’s all rather an excessive pile of media hysteria.

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we have to keep a keen eye on that hurricane out there. news isn’t getting better and including news directly from cdc. first confirmed death in US is a toddler in TX. a positive note is that MEX claims deaths there “have mostly stabilized”. not real certain what that might mean other than death rate is not increasing.

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I think Mexico just wants to salvage their tourism industry. CDC recommends people not travel to Mexico at present. Of course Mexico is going to say something positive. That does not mean they’re ok down there.

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oh, no i did not mean that they are ok but that perhaps they feel the wave has crested

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