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How to buy flannel sheets?

Asked by susanc (16122points) February 9th, 2008

Whenever I’ve bought flannel sheets that advertise themselves as “weighty” or “luxurious”, they pill like crazy.
When I buy cheap ones, sometimes they do and other times they do what I want, which is to be very smooth but very soft. How do you guess correctly?

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I use Their prices are good and the reviews are pretty complete. Make sure to get a good sampling of reviews and I’ll think you’ll find them helpful.

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Thanks syz. I actually do like Overstock but that’s not exactly what I was wondering.
I was wondering, how do you determine whether a flannel sheet will be pilly before you sleep in it and it become unreturnable?

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I’ve had wonderful luck with flannel sheets from Eddie Bauer. A company like them or L.L. Bean have unconditional guarantees on their merchandise, and we have outlets for both here locally, so the prices aren’t bad. This past winter, I bought flannel sheets at Kohls in navy and charcoal grey. The later are great, but the blue set pilled the first time I washed them. I returned them with my receipt right away, and received a full refund, no problems. As far as how to predict the quality, I’m stumped. I would have that that the sheets at Kohls would have been of equal quality.

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