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Why does Scott toilet tissue wrap each roll individually in tissue paper?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) November 6th, 2009

I recently bought a pack of 24 rolls of Scott toilet tissue. It was the cheapest brand available. None of the more expensive tissues wrapped each individual roll. My suspicion is that it is perhaps to hide the lack of design and multiple ply, although that is exactly my preference.

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I’m confused (this is normal). Do you mean they wrap each individual roll of a multi-pack as if they were being sold individually?

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I don’t get that either. If you get a smaller multi-pack, they are not individually wrapped. Maybe they assume that if you’re buying that many they must not all be going to the same bathroom, so it’s to keep them clean. It can’t be to make sure they don’t start unrolling by themselves; sometimes I almost think I’m going to need a hacksaw to get the darn thing started.

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Maybe they’re just catering to their most frequent customers who are the type to buy large suppy ahead of time and have multiple sites within an abode to distribute the tp (small business sites, lodges, inns, small apt bldg’s…). They prefer to have the prewrapped/protected rolls for better storage in this distribution path.

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My answer is similar to @virtualist in that my guess is they do it because the have large contracts with businesses and maybe the government, and the business needs each roll protected. They might also sell it in the store this way (I never noticed, but I assume the OP is correct) because it is simply how the factory is set up. There is an old story that the federal government spends more on paperclips because they give specific dimensions to the paperclip manufacturers/companies and pay a premium over the average consumer for teh specifications. Supposedly, those are the only sizes sold to everyone, because it makes no sense for the manufacturers to produce anything over and above the sizes they make for the gov’t. I don’t know if it is true.

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Whenever I buy the 24 pack of Scott, the rolls are not individually wrapped. However, often they are wrapped in the six and four packs. I always assumed that it was to keep an individual roll clean while it was set on a convenient shelf or on top of the toilet tank, in case the roll in current use runs out.

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It depends on where you bought it. If you got it at a business supply store, they might be individually wrapped. If you got it at the grocery store, they’re not. I have a pack with a larger number that I bought at Sam’s (I think its 24) and none of those are individually wrapped.

There is not a lack of design nor multiple ply in Scott’s toilet tissue.

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There are two reasons:
1 they are intended for individual sale. to be broken up and resold, grocery stores around here do this.
2 they are for a business. Motels and office buildings need them individually wrapped.

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