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Why am I experiencing sudden hair loss? ( women only please)

Asked by eep (9points) November 6th, 2009

i took a shower today, and as soon as i stood under the water, all my hair fell out down there!
what happened?!

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Do you mean your pubic hair fell out? All of it?

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Did you wash yourself with Nair by accident?

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When you say all, do you mean ALL? I lose tons of the hair on my head, especially in the shower, when my thyroid is whacked.

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yes! all of it!

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no.. i don’t use nair..

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This would be a good time to contact your doctor. Practical jokes aside, losing all one’s hair at a go is indeed a medical issue best handled by professionals.

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Thryoid problems usually result in Head hair loss…you need to call a doc asap! This sounds serious!

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What are your eating habits like?

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I’m not a woman, but I play one on Fluther. Here is a Link that you might find useful.

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It maybe different reasons. It may be due to stress, hormones or genetic.

The women in my family lose their hair. And it’s already begun for me and I am 28. It’s a horrifying prospect to think that as a woman, one day you will be sporting bald patches.

If it’s not genetic, you should be able to do something about it. Visit your doctor and get some advice.

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The only person I know who lost all of his hair quickly was a kid I went to high school with when he had scarlet fever as a younger child. He never had hair again.

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huh? is this a real question? how could all your hair fall out in one shower? did you have much to begin with? if that happened to me I’d be calling 911

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