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How to ship a snowboard?

Asked by ThePeanutGallery (345points) November 6th, 2009

Hi, I live in the U.S. and I need to ship a snowboard to my cousin in another state. Has anyone ever shipped or received a snowboard (or similarly-shaped item) through the mail? How should I package it? What carrier should I use? Keep in mind that I need it to arrive at its destination without a scratch. Any tips would be fantastic—thanks for listening!

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go buy some bubble wrap, tape it around the board, and the wheels, pack it in a long, cardboard box stuffed with newspaper or more bubble wrap. Weigh it, go online if you have paypal and fill in the form with the weight, dimensions of the box, and add insurance,pay, print, slap the label on the box, then put a note in your letterbox that you have a package to be picked up. The postman will come to your door, get it and that’s it. If you don’t have paypal then bubble wrap the board, pack it as above and take it to the post office.

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I never knew snowboards had wheels.

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sorry I shipped my son a skate board, anyway tape it up same. skateboard on the brain lol

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@trailsillustrated Any idea where I’d find a snowboard-shaped box? Are there stores that specialize in this?

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do your buses ship items? we used Greyhound a lot when my girls were 300 miles away-care packages, lots of groceries-same day service.

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Be prepared to pay a lot of money. A snowboard is guaranteed to be greater than the total allowable girth of a USPS package, and will be subject to dimensional weight by UPS or FedEx. Dimensional weight is a way to calculate the billable weight of an item (so that you don’t send a truckload of feathers that don’t weigh anything).

Basically, if L x W x H is greater than 5194 (all in inches), you divide the total by 194 to calculate the dimensional/billable weight.

In all honesty, your best bet may be to go to a local business that does a lot of shipping via commercial trucking. They may be willing to extend their discounted LTL (less-than-truckload) rate per pallet to you in exchange for something. I’m not sure, but it’s worth a shot.

If you’re going to go UPS or FedEx (USPS is almost certainly out of the question), plan to spend at least $100.

Good luck.

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@Mamradpivo Thanks, I’ll look into the commercial trucking idea.

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@ThePeanutGallery make a box. make it out of boxes you find, just sort of tape it together around the snowboard and stuffing. Use the packing tape that you can buy where you buy bubble wrap. I send stuff everywhere, to my son in australia too, (I’ve sent him a bike)- just take it to the post office after you have it all packed up.I’ve found regular us postal service to be the cheapest. I’ve checked all methods, cause I send so much stuff around.

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i would google company’s that caterer to those request’s me personally – i believe that you pay for what you get -

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I have used to ship a surfboard. Assuming it would be perfect for a snowboard.

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