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When will Ben Affleck's career turn around?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14611points) November 7th, 2009

Many actors and actresses have had one role completely rejuvenate their careers.

What would it take for Mr Affleck to get back on track?

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Maybe just trying to avoid comic book movies? Daredevil was entertaining but not very good.. Reindeer games was HORRIBLE… i dunno. I don’t think a Good Will Hunting style movie does as well around now. So maybe he can take some tips from his buddy Matt?

But hey… If John Travolta can get things back on track with something like Pulp Fiction maybe all it takes is for him to find something out of his wheelhouse in order to change things up..

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He should ask his little bro for a few pointers.

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He just does it for the Paycheck

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Sadly, we’ll have to wait for another Daredevil movie before that happens.

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What makes you think it will turn around?

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@PnL “Never” is also a possible outcome.

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I’m going to stick with never.

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Hmm.. let me get out my magic 8 ball. shake shake shake…. it says reply hazy, ask again, so it doesn’t look too good for Ben :(

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I think Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock both have talent but terrible taste in picking material.

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I would argue that it already has improved from the depths it once was. Did you see “State of Play”? He was fantastic in that movie.

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@Marina Yes, he was.

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Let’s hope for never.

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I enjoyed State of Play too. It is those stupid ones he makes with Jennifer Anniston (she is another one who has poor choice in roles to take – but as it was said above, it is probably more about the paycheck than the craft) that make him look sappy. I think it is called prostituting yourself and for the million or so they make for doing it, I would too!

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He needs to go into directing now. Like kids’ movies or something.

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do you notice there is no lurve given out in this entire thread, none to the asker or the responders, what do you think that means???

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@rooeytoo it means that no one said Daredevil was pure AWESOME!

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Affleck’s career will turn around when he learns to act. In all of his movies that I have seen he is just Ben Affleck being called by a different name.

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