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Can I leave a note on my door telling ups not to leave a package on my front door?

Asked by grntwlkr (179points) November 8th, 2009

I live in a bad neighborhood and I don’t want it to get stolen, Is there a way i can have them leave it at the post office or some place I can pick it up. Or anything else you can think of?

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Yes. Do just that. There may be a form you can print from the USPS website, but otherwise just leave a note that says “Please do not leave package on doorstep.”

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Leave a note and tell them you’ll pick it up at their depot. They can’t leave it at a ups store, but you can go pick it up at the distribution center.

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Don’t have stuff delivered to your home. You can request UPS be delivered to a a local carrier and pick it up at that location.

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In the future you may wish to use the address of a friend or relative in a safer area or who will be home to get it.
Be sure the note is not too obvious or it will attract attention from those you seek to thwart.

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Have them deliver it to your job.

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You can ask the sender to do this:

You can also, if you know the date it will be delivered, put your mail on hold and pick it up later.

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Sign the note the way the package would be addressed.

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I got letters from the UPS man saying they can’t leave a package that has to be signed for, it goes back to the center and they try again the next day. But you can pick it up at the center where the UPS man gets the packages in the morning.

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As it is your door I don’t see why you can’t leave a note posted on it saying anything you want.

Btw, as a letter carrier I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a package delivered by UPS left at the wrong address, but I can say it’s got to have been close to fifty times.

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