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A restaurant in the Mission/Noe Valley/Potrero Hill area for a large group?

Asked by marianamint (40points) February 10th, 2008

I thought it would be a smaller group but we are 14 people now and I don’t know where to celebrate my birthday dinner. It is on a Tuesday… any suggestions?

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try ramblas on Valencia and 16th. They can accomodate big groups and the food (tapas) is rreally yummy. Call amnd ask what time the happy hour specials end.I think until seven pm you can get cheap pitchers of awesome sangria. Or if youre willing to trek to Chinatown, the house of nanking is fun for big groups but you might have to wait a bit. For a group that large you canactually make a reservation there. Great for a big group cuz the food is cheap and its all served family style.

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Another idea for a big group is Medjool on Mission street—it’s another tapas place, a little bit more swanky, so depends how much money people are willing to spend. I have only had drinks there so I can’t vouch for the food, but it looks good. I would definitely only recommend it for a week night…on the weekends it turns into a bridge-and-tunnel crowd.

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