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What was galileo's method?

Asked by 1000oceans (178points) November 10th, 2009

What was galileo’s method that he used in his philosophy? how was it different than others back in his time?

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Most likely the scientific method. Hypothesis and experimentation.
His approach was different in that it worked.

The religious aspects you mentioned in the original question before moderation might have some significance in that he refused to follow strict paradigm set within a dogmatic system which is the reason he was persecuted in the first place. It doesn’t however have anything to do with the man’s faith.. just his practical nature.

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This wouldn’t be a homework question would it?

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it’s an essay question for art college

so i can take the question however as long as it’s proved, however i felt this question needed to be more truely correct than opinionated…i’m having a hard time with it…

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The proXXi method: state what you sincerely believe no matter how much hot water it gets you in.

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Watching Jovian moons. Contemplating odd movements of planets like Mars. Applying good reasoning.

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Galileo’s genius was that he was a brilliant experimental physicist, and was also able to form ideal models from his experiments in a non-ideal world.

For example, his experiments involving rolling bearings down slopes lead him to realise that acceleration for all bodies is actually the same, but that less dense objects will be more impeded by atmospheric resistance than denser ones. This famous footage confirms his idea.

He also happened to discover prima facie evidence that the geocentric model of the universe was wrong…

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@1000oceans What exactly is your difficult with the topic? If you put in more exact questions, you will likely get more useful answers.

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This was on the test I gave 2 weeks ago-are you in my class? Everyone turn to page 192

In the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the scientific method of observation, experimentation, and scientific reasoning to gather knowledge and draw conclusions about the physical world.

Earlier scholars relied on ancient authorities, church teachings, common sense and reasoning to explain the physical world

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@galileogirl ; Aw!!!! You gave her a homework answer!!!

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By this time of year they should be on the French Revolution. They’ll never make it to the millenium unless someone gets them moving.

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