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Are you satisfied with what you have accomplishmed in life?

Asked by Cartman (3054points) November 10th, 2009

I just realised, browsing through the Wiki, that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for a couple of years

Exploring the Wiki further I discover that life expectancy in ancient Rome was way below my present age (I’m just a few years short of 40) – meaning that, as an average, ALL Romans had accomplished EVERYTHING* they did before my age.

As late as early 20th century, life expectancy is probably below my present age – meaning that, in a way, everything almost anyone did I’m too late to do.

I know there are exceptions and that we live way longer these days but still…. come on!

Anyone else feel a real sense of accomplishment?

*aqueducts, building the Colosseum, conquering most of the know world, etc.

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Raising two teenagers ought to count for something.

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Yeah, Wolfie was in the ground for almost 5 years at my age.

But think, it’s history. You’re only hearing the stories of the “Winners”. The vast majority of people grew up, farmed their land (or their master’s land)/hunted and gathered, popped out a few sprogs, and died.

Given the rate of survival from ancient times until very recently in human history, even getting a few of one’s children to survive to adulthood and having their own children is very significant, especially if dreadful things were happening to your people, like plague, smallpox, slaughter or wholesale capture and transfer into chattel slavery.

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—Sometimes I feel like @Darwin – and I’m a single dad – but other days I feel as if I could do so much more with my life – especially in global politics, or something worthwhile – for generations, and not just for me and mine.

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Removed to ponder and respond later. Good question @Cartman

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I had my career and then stopped to raise kids. Basically, anything I did that will last through the ages was done by age 45.

I published a number of scientific papers that will matter to future scientists who are studying land snails in the family Bulimulidae. I handed out scholarships to young people based on their science fair projects, and every now and then I see that one has succeeded in science. I taught little kids about dinosaurs and fossils and have met several who grew up to become paleontologists. I designed and installed exhibits at a public museum, where the displays may last for several decades, and will always exist in the records of the museum.

Otherwise, I spend my time raising kids, taking care of my husband and my parents, and gardening. When I am done with that, perhaps I will go back to science, or perhaps I will go back to my other love, art.

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I don’t have a problem accomplishing things, I have a problem sticking to the things I accomplish. I’m currently working on a third career and I hope this is it for me. I guess you can say I have a short attention span and get bored very easily. This time however, I am doing something I’m not only good at but truly enjoy.

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I have the short attention span problem too. :)

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@kheredia How long do your careers last, on average?

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@NewZen The first one, I only managed to do for 2 years (I’m still paying the student loans). The second one I’ve been doing for about 4 years and I’m going to continue to do it until I finish school again. But I really think that this time it’s going to work out for me.

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Yes, by 30 yrs old I’d already had a hell of a life. Now if I can re accomplish just a few of those things, I will be more than fortunate.

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I don’t know if you should be so “hard” on yourself – in the cheme of things, two years isn’t really a career – it’s more like trying things out for size. I’m on my third career – but they each lasted about 10 years. Good luck, in any event.

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I sometimes worry about that. I have 3 amazing kids, 4, almost 5 grand kids who are the light of my life and a husband who adores me, but by now I was supposed to change the world for the better.
When I start to get depressed, I look at my mom, who has lived an amazing life of service to the community and to humanity since she was my age until now, and I see that it’s not to late.

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@all “accomplishmed” ?!? You see what I mean…

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No, I don’t feel I have accomplished anything that I probably should have. I have two talents that I am not using to the best of my ability. Why? One of my talents doesn’t make me as happy as it should and so I haven’t pushed it even though I know of many people who would love to be as talented as me in that aspect I hope I don’t sound big headed here, I really don’t mean to but I don’t know how else to answer this question honestly the other talent I’m not using for no other reason than I have been lazy. The second talent/skill would make me very happy to be using on a regular, paid basis but so far I haven’t done much about it. There is no excuse for this, I’m just an idiot!

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Yup, I accomplished most things by the time I was 23, then reached the limits of my potential (and my dreams) by 28. All that was left after that was to have a family, which I accomplished at 33. And it’s been downhill since.

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Hmmm, let’s see…I’m 19 since July and on my first job ever, and I work as an usher at my school’s stadium during athletic events. (I’m getting paid to stand around.) I’m in my second term of college. I don’t play an instrument and I haven’t done sports since highschool. I’m not in any clubs. I spend most of my free time on fluther. I could be doing better.

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Yes. But there are plenty of things on my list.

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Not particularly. It’s a source of never-ending disappointment.

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urm…nope…I’ve achieved a lot and done a lot that some people wouldn’t necessarily consider achievement but I must keep reminding myself that I am not the Goddess that I strive to be..I am a mere mortal :-( but a damn fine one at that!

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I’m not sure anyone ever really feels accomplished.

However, I was recently discussing this with a 16 year old. This guy is 16 and has written two screenplays and is in film school currently. He makes me feel like a failure! To have those under your belt at such a young age. I’ve read one of the screenplays and it was excellent. He doesn’t seem 16 at all; I was shocked. I can’t wait to make time to read his other screenplay.

Still, he doesn’t feel accomplished at all. Go figure.

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Not really. Not yet.

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I know I have a lot left to do, and I am constantly restless, thinking about my next adventure or what I want to try now. However, when I reflect back on my life thus far, I know I’ve done so very much that if I died today I would have no regrets whatsoever.

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No, I was born with a genius mentality, and probably should have done something that changed all of mankind with it, but unfortunately, it was not accompanied by motivation or ambition.

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