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Why do so many women have this infatuation with wedding dresses?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) November 13th, 2009 from iPhone

So I’m watching Say Yes to the Dress on TLC, and I don’t understand why these women are paying so much for a dress they will wear once. $5,000 for a dress?!?! For example, this episode had two sisters who are getting married 3 months apart. Their mother gave them each a $3,000 budget but for some reason one of them tries on a $5,000 dress. The other sister loves it, tries it on too & suggests they share it so they both can have a dress they love. The bridal consultants FREAK OUT (they want to sell 2 dresses not 1, naturally) and keep saying that it’s ridiculous for them to share. They say what if something happens to the dress at the 1st wedding like it gets a stain that won’t come out or torn? That’s a valid point but if that’s the case, why pay $5,000 for it in the first place?!?! I’m 22 and single so I have a longgg time until I have deal with all of that but I honestly don’t get it. Also, what is with the tears in the bridal salon? From trying on a dress? Someone please help me understand this mentality. Why are these women going above and beyond and getting so emotional over a piece of clothing?

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These people have the money to spend. Plenty of women get much, much less expensive dresses. It’s on TV because it’s extreme.

As for the crying, to many people it’s not just clothing- it’s what it represents.

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mmm. I live and breathe for this show. Although I do know that like @Likeradar said, its all extreme and thats why its on TV – But theres something amazing about insanely expensive dresses.

I love the designer gowns, but I’d much rather be happier in something lace and light. :)

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I didn’t get that memo…

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I am a woman with zero infatuation with wedding dresses—but then again, I’ve never been that into weddings and “twu wuv” in the first place.

If/when I get married, it’s not going to be all white or ivory or off-white. It will have another color worked in—like the so-called “Fall/Winter” dresses. Something like this, this, or this (my fave).

Or I’ll get married in jeans and a tshirt. :P

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I was only infatuated with one. It cost $150 and was made of Mexican cotton with white embroidery on it. I bought it at Fred Leighton’s in Greenwich Village 37 years ago and have never looked at another one.

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I’ll admit, I love that show and even though I’m married, I still browse wedding dresses because I just love them and I like keeping up with the styles.
I would never spend a ridiculous amount on a dress, I could never justify that. My dress was beautiful and extremely affordable. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun trying on big poofy, thousands of dollars worth of dresses.

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What I don’t get is why all wedding dresses these days are strapless? What if someone doesn’t have atractive shoulders?
Also, it is just plain rude the way they size them. Haven’t they heard of vanity sizing? That is especially important for wedding dresses!

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They do it because they think it will be their “one-and-only” chance to dress like a meringue! Lol. It’s also quite common now days to wear a dress to the ceremony and then a DIFFERENT one to the reception. I was watching Bridezilla the other night and this one chick paid $9,000 for both dresses. One she was only in for 1.5hrs.

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First, my wife was going through a local Goodwill store looking for stuff for kids Halloween costumes. She found a $5,000 wedding dress and bought it for $50. It was brand new, still had the tags, and was a designer dress.

Second, this will probably put me on some people’s hit list, but a wedding day is the bride’s big day. A day when everyone will pay attention to her, wait on her, fawn over her, make a huge fuss over her, and she will feel like a queen holding court. Why shouldn’t she look and dress like one?

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I totally believe in special clothing for special days and important ceremonies. A wonderful wedding dress symbolizes the uniqueness of the commitment between two people.

But I also think that exaggeration can be counterproductive. A wedding doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. Worshiping perfection and exorbitant luxury carries dangers as well. No bride is perfect. No groom is perfect. A marriage works if both can handle the imperfections and peculiarities over a longer period of time. In my opinion $5,000 or even more is way too much. To me other aspects of our lives are more important. Be wise how you invest your money. Think long term. Still, both bride and groom should wear something that’s really nice and special without getting carried away.

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I watched that same episode last night. I’m addicted to that show! As for the amount of money spent, not everyone spends that much. It’s a tv show so things are usually dramatized in order to get more viewers. When I went to buy my wedding dress, I only planned on spending a few hundred. But when the lady brought me a beautiful dress to try on and it looked so amazing on, I stretched my budget to $1000. I didn’t cry but my mother almost did. She was just excited and happy for me. Weddings are emotional times. I don’t think it’s so much about the dress. It’s what the dress symbolizes.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 – i’m sure they do dramatize that show! Lol. Can all of those women REALLY be that horrid and not know they’re being filmed whilst being awful to everyone around them? No doubt some people really do spend that much though.

I believe it’s what ever you feel most beautiful in $50 or $12 000, each to their own I guess!

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I remember going with my sister to try on wedding dresses. She was so excited and nervous, we went through many a dress and she became nervous waiting to find the ‘right one’ and there is a lot of truth behind when a mother cries that’s probably it.
We went over our budget but that was fine, because it fit her perfectly, she was beautiful, and she felt glorious. It supposedly only happens once in a lifetime, why not go overboard?

I mean, me, I’ll probably get a hippie dress made for the occasion, or even make the dress myself and getting married in the forest barefoot. That’s just my dream though.

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I never had any interest or marriage fantasies but when the time came for me to be married, I was all about the dress for all of my two year engagemet- family women totally got me going about how it was a dress like no other for a day like other, a “once-in-a-lifetime” day/dress so I got all gaga. There weren’t enough bridal magazines to stop me from searching for the perfect gown, tearing out sheets to fill folders with. Luckily my mother-in-law was an excellent seamstress and assured me should could replicate anything I wanted, she didn’t fib either because the $7000.00 gown I settled on, she assembled, evey panel, bead and embellishment, whew.

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Some of it dates back to the princess obsession fostered in little girls by the media, and some of it results from what the mothers and the aunts wish they could have had but now insist that their darling have. Little girls are taught that this is the one day in their lives that they will be the absolute star, and their mothers encourage it, so the bridal consultants, who are no fools, build on that.

OTOH, my dress was an embroidered Guatemalan dress in white and pale blue and cost all of $19 on sale. I bought the bridesmaids dresses for the same price so that they could wear them at my wedding to make my vision come to life, but also so they could never wear them again if they didn’t like them without feeling put out by having had to pay for them.

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I do watch that show and Platinum Weddings and Platinum Babies because I can’t stop…I am enthralled by these sorts of people…it’s like another species.

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It’s more like an alien invasion than just another species. Televising them just helps them spread.

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@Judi GA! Though i have never seen a set of ugly shoulders (I thought they call came stock standard??) I couldnt agree more in regards to the Vanity Sizing suggesstion.

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I have not shopped for wedding dresses, but I imagine that a $5000 dress may have advantages over a $200 dress like fit and comfort. It’s a really big day and I really wouldn’t want to be thinking about my outfit or something itching me. Another big part may be fabric. Beautiful, natural, breathable fabrics are way more expensive than acetate, rayon and polyester.

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