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What kind of coffee drinker are you? And what does it say about your personality?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11295points) November 14th, 2009

What time of day? Are you one of those who drinks straight black coffee? Do you have to have 2 sugars and cream every single time? Do you order a Venti, skinny, cinnamon dulce brewed at 120? Or do you just ask for coffee and get confused by all the options?

What does it say about your personality?

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I drink several cups in the morning. I go straight to the coffee pot. If we’re in a good restaurant for dinner, I also like a cup then. Just black. Nothing added…none of these fancy flavored things. Just plain old coffee.

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For a long time, at coffee shops, I had Americano—with me adding cream. Now I seem to be enjoying cappuccinos—but that might change sometime. In the morning I brew my own—french press, I grind good beans, add cream. What does this say about me? That I like coffee? I do live in Seattle, and the experience of coffee shops here is not to be missed.

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I grind and french press espresso beans for a morning mug and sometimes one in the evening if I’m at home alone. No sugar but I do like evaporated milk as creamer and some shaved nutmeg sprinkled into it. Eithiopian beans are my current favorite followed by Sumatra. Because I love to open the can of beans and just whiff the aroma and I get a thrill from watching the creamy color form on the top as I pour into my mug, I feel that makes me a sensualist.

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Lots of cream, lots of sugar, back when I could drink coffee. Now, I have a caffine allergy, so if I drink coffee, my heart skips every other beat.

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I drink one to two cups a day starting around 10am and never past 2pm. I don’t want it in my system when I try to go to sleep. I drink Folgers with 2 cream (International’s French Vanilla), and 2 sugar.

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I like my coffee the way I like my women: cheap and available.

I’ll drink anything, mostly black with a couple of sugars depending on how early in the day it is. I would like to try Turkish coffee, one day.

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coffee with cream.
americano, extra strong, with cream.

any time of day or night.

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Coffee with light cream. I grind the beans every morning. Fresh. Hot and preferably two cups, please.

I like my coffee the way that I like my women – creamy.

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Yummm… Turkish coffee with Cardamom seed (and cream).

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Espresso with sugar. Anytime day or night. not from Starbucks though

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I drink coffee at any time of day or night.. I wouldn’t be surprised if I drank it in my sleep.
I think this says about me that: 1. I don’t care about planning for sleep in the future.. I want coffee now. (which is true of many things in life. I am a here and now person.. it is great.. until the future now comes along .. during which I regret not having planned more in the past… but hell.. that’s just me. Here. Now.) 2. I’m probably immune to many of the effects of caffeine.

I used to drink straight black coffee.. but that was just to impress my older brother who was a rancher for 30 years and swore by it. I wanted to fit in.

Nowadays I’ll drink almost any kind of coffee except straight black coffee. Not too sweet like they make it at starbucks sometimes.. but just enough sugar/creamer to make it taste good to me. I don’t have a coffee grinder. I just have a little four cup Mr. Coffee that I set to brew my coffee for me in the morning. It’s great to wake up to blueberry coffee or maple bacon coffee.. or whatever flavor I’m trying that day.

I once had a acquaintance swear that I wouldn’t be able to handle the triple espresso shots they made at this little coffee shop in California. Of course I had it.. and it tasted terrible.. and I felt cheated for having spent so much for so little.

Coffee has been a large part of my life because it means I have at least 10 minutes to just sit, relax, and stew in my intellect and nostalgia. Coffee times are my pensive times. My laid back times. My I-don’t-really-have-to-go-to-work-just-yet times. The same used to be true of ciggarettes.. but now that I’ve promised my wife I would quit.. I finally have to. So coffee it shall be.

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I drink 2–3 cups a day or I get extreme headaches. I can drink it black, but prefer a bit of sugar in it. I buy only fresh organic dark roast beans and grind it daily at home for each pot.

I admit I’m a bit of a coffee snob, but I really can drink almost anything from the best espresso, to instant if that’s all I have available…I just must have coffee!

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Black is the best way to go. No sugar, no milk, just simple black coffee.

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I don’t drink coffee, never have. My husband drinks his must have cup in the morning and only adds a second if the kids are driving him especially insane.

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lots of milk and at least two teaspoons of sugar

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The kind that doesn’t drink any because she thinks it’s gross. ;)

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@mangeons What does that say about your personality? I’m sure there must be some connection amongst those who do like coffee and among those who don’t. Or is it simply a random preference of taste? I tend not to think sol

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Coffee is one of my passions, one of the things that makes life worth living. So not even kidding when I say that. ;)

I would probably drink it all day if jitters and dehydration weren’t an issue. Generally, I drink about 16 oz. in the morning, maybe a cup in the early afternoon if I really need a pick-me-up.

I’m totally a coffee snob. Here in WV, it’s damn near impossible to get a decent cup of coffee (i.e. one that doesn’t taste like brown water), so I splurge and buy Starbucks. Not really the hugest fan of Starbucks, but I don’t have much else in terms of choice. I like mine lightly sweetened with half and half. I like coffee enough to where I can drink it black, but a couple sugars and some cream is really what makes it for me.

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I think coffee is something you either don’t like or you do like, there’s no “kind of” liking coffee. I don’t particularly think liking or not liking coffee says anything about your personality in general, I think it’s mainly just a preference of taste. But maybe that’s just me.

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Having discovered how the Keurig (k-cup) one cup coffee brewing system brings convenience to brewing a high quality cup of coffee, I am all day, any time of day, coffee drinker. I like my coffee extra bold, dark roasted and have quite an assortment of regular and decaf k-cups that I enjoy. A little raw sugar and half and half and I’m in heaven. The best coffee I ever tasted? Turkish coffee served from small shops on the streets of Istanbul, so thick you nearly chew it, with a taste and aroma second to none. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Tall, non-fat, hazelnut latte. I drink it whenever. I think it says that I’m a bit pretentious but I didn’t need coffee to tell me that.

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I’m an opportunist coffee drinker. I don’t go out of my way to drink coffee. Generally I only drink coffee from work (wawa) cause I get it for free. and I’ll generally get it right before we close so Ill drink whatever kind we have left. depending on what Ill eat with it I’ll put more or less sugar I dont put creamer / milk cause I can’t smell and I worry one day Ill drink sour milk. so I guess that tells me Im very lazy cheap and paranoid . . . so it’s very telling.

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@live_rose LOL. Lazy, cheap and paranoid.. xD I’m sure there are a plethora of variables leading us to our preferences for coffee. I’m fascinated by this plethora and refuse to believe it is simply a taste thing. XD

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@hungryhungryhortence I’m a big fan of Turkish myself.. but you can’t not have olives and dates (dipped in honey of course) to go with it.
French press espresso roast beans… also like americano.. espresso and turkish i’ll drink black as it was meant to be.. americano i’ll add a couple of packets of splenda… and on occasion a bit of those flavored coffee creamers (usually vanilla). I’m also a fan of iced coffee and frapuccinos!

As to what it says about my personality? I don’t think my drink of choice really defines my personality as muh as it defies my personal taste and how thirsty i happen to be at the time. I like to think it shows that i know what i like and am open to new experiences and some experimentation.

But i must insist… in my mind what coffee you drink doesn’t say what kind of person you are. Just that you like coffee a certain way.

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I like my coffee dark, with a little bit of creamer. How many of sugar? I don’t know, I add it until it tastes just right. I drink it at night since coffee makes me sleepy.
When I go to a coffee place I order cappuccinos instead since ordering coffee confuses me.
I don’t know what it says about me.

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I don’t know what it says about me. Probably that I’m unorganized, and irrational.

I drink coffee when I get a craving for it, usually in phases that last for months. It depends on what I feel like drinking, but my last phase was a tall caramel frappucino from Starbucks, with lots of whipped cream. It was enough caffeine to keep headaches away.
With my first pregnancy I drank decaf caramel macchiato’s every day.
I can’t have too much caffeine, I get bad stomach pains or anxiety issues, so I usually have to drink half caf, or decaf.
I like having my coffee early in the morning if I have a job, but if not I like it after my sons nap as a pick me up.
I haven’t had coffee in a while though, at least a month or two. I just haven’t been wanting it.

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@casheroo I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been wanting it. XD Perhaps, given the right motivation, you will want it again. =D

@all Do any of you actually make trips just to get coffee? Do you have coffee with friends? Or is that an ancient tradition?

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I drink 6–8 cups of coffee per day. My parents always had the coffee pot running as soon as they woke up. My husband and I do the same. I like a dark roast, no cream or sugar. Sometimes we will buy flavored coffee, usually hazelnut.

I agree with @mangeons. I think it’s a drink that you either like or don’t like. There’s no “kind of” with coffee. Much like beer I think. just my opinion

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@jonsblond Interesting. I think the same thing about beer as I do coffee. XD

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No coffee for me, thanks. I’m a tea guy. Today’s leaf is a fire-roasted, slightly fermented black tea called Lapsang Souchong.

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@Foolaholic funny you should mention tea.. I’m currently debating whether to brew my usual Earl Grey or Moroccan Mint Green tea… can’t decide!

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what if I only consume various chocolate milk related drinks like milkshakes?

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Earl Grey usually strikes me as more of a breakfast tea, and seeing as its 4pm where I am, I vote for the Mint Green.

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Grande, 2 pump, vanilla, soy latte. I also drink the coffee at work with about 3 creamers, and no sugar.

I guess it says I am a creature of habit, and that I’ll drink any coffee, no matter how bad it is. Really, the coffee at work is like tar.

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Everyday – Folgers – International Delight French Vanilla creamer to the point it looks like caramel. At least one large cup and max of 5.

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@Foolaholic i would agree with Earl Grey being a breakfast tea (as I personally feel most black teas are) but am currently nursing a cold so was debating the “comforting” aspect of the earl vs the refreshing aspect of the Moroccan mint.

P.S. as of this post it is currently 1:45 pm in Sunny San Diego

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Grande, non-fat latte with whatever flavor I’m feeling that day (preferably seasonal) in the morning only.

I need caffeine in order to start thinking, I find whole milk too rich, never after 4pm since I’m already an insomniac, and drip coffee of any kind makes me aggro, strings me out and then drops me hard in the afternoon.

I guess this behavior sums up a few things. I’m anxious, terribly nostalgic, particular, neurotic and I have stomach problems.

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I make coffee in the morning using my Bialetti Moka (stovetop coffeepot) and add some milk and sugar, sometimes chocolate syrup, sometimes some ground cinnamon, and ice, of course. When I’m feeling fancy or sad, I add instant chai latte powder. Mmmm.

I take it to school with me, or drink it at home.

When it gets cold out, or when I get up early to finish a paper for class, I tend to make DIY lattes instead, “frothing” milk on the stove with a whisk and using my freshly brewed “espresso” (more like veddy veddy strong coffee).

Starbucks makes excellent iced coffee. I like it with toffee nut and some cream. :D

What it says about me…I like coffee. I drink it many different ways, but always need my fix in the morning. I take coffee to school with me because it is less expensive and better for the environment than purchasing a coffee every morning at whatever place. I only buy coffee when I need a treat. So…yeah, I’m eclectic in most of my tastes, care about the environment, and know the value of a good treat.

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1 cup, maybe 2, in the morning, a tablespoon of half ‘n’ half and 2 sugars.

I used to take it with 4 sugars, so I guess I’m getting used to the taste! It’s a “get up and go” thing in the morning for me. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 17.

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@NaturalMineralWater – I do go out just to get coffee, provided I’m living near any of my friends that value and enjoy coffee like I do, and of course, whether there is a chill place to hang out and talk once the coffee is purchased. There is one such place here and I’ve definitely gone and had coffee with friends there before.

@evegrimm – Yay for the moka. :) You can buy relatively inexpensive battery-powered milk frothers that will blow your mind. Aerolatte is the best of the best and makes foam like you wouldn’t believe. It even gave me a nice, stiff foam using 2% milk. They sell for about $15 (or less at Ikea, but they aren’t as good, won’t froth 2%).

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Coffee is a life story for me, starting with my first cup brewed by my dad and uncle on an old Coleman gas burner in a pan of mountain stream water while on my first trout fishing trip as a teen in Colorado. There is nothing like that aroma at sunup and trying to not burn your lips on the tin cups while warming both hands cupped around same.

That ultimately evolved to using Pyrex beakers in the lab as a student and then to current ‘fancy’ coffee press Pyrex beakers with a fancy handle, both at home and at work, using the infamous GE 1.7liter cordless electric ‘kettles’ to rapidly boil the water. We must be on our 6th or 7th by now. I use preground 12oz bags of Starbucks Expresso Roast because it is readily available. I wait about 5minutes after the kettle shuts off so the water has cooled a bit so as to not drive out the more rancid oils. Only on Sunday mornings, over the Sunday papers do I indulge in a little Half ‘n Half and sugar in my coffee. Life with at least 4 cups-a-day (~600a – ~1130p) is good!

Also, you must try that last cup of the day with a tiny snifter of B&B on-the-side…hmmm-hmmm!

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Nowadays I only drink coffee at church or when I am waiting for my husband to come out of surgery. I don’t really like coffee so I jam it full of creamer and sugar and consider it breakfast.

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For me, coffee makes the world go round! My first shot of espresso was at age 4.
I drink coffee at all different times of day, depending on my schedule.
I enjoy regular black coffee, espresso (with some sugar), DIY lattes with a stainless steel Bialetti (skim or sometimes chocolate milk), coffee shop skinny lattes, when in Miami café con leche, and once in a while a brevé. I tend to prefer the robust dark roasts.

I think my coffee choices reflect my personality in that I strive to be flexible and thrive on diversity.

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