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Shouldn't it be 'tap the bloom'?

Asked by aaronblohowiak (485points) February 13th, 2008

I assert the following:
1) We are a community concerned with correctness
2) We are jellyfish
3) The term for a group of jellyfish is a ‘bloom’ (sometimes, a ‘school’, though that is less specific.)

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jellyfish – A fluther of jellyfish
jellyfish – A smack of jellyfish
jellyfish – A smuth, smuck of jellyfish
jellyfish – A studk, stuck of jellyfish

a “bloom” apparently refers exclusively to an (abnormally) large swell in a fluther’s size.

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it’s not a collective of jellyfish, it’s a collective of knowledge, which is the accepted term for an amalgamative society of knowledge, as I have just decided.

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Nope, the collective is a collection of Us, the People.

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It should be “tap the bell-head”

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Knowledge is like jelly. Some is sweet, some is weird, some tastes like crap. Some sticks to your toast easy, other justs slides off despite your best efforts. Some is pure sugar – a quick buzz and its gone. Other has some nutritional value. And some will rot your teeth.

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Is it just me, or does “tap the bloom” sound like a double entendre moreso than “tap the collective”?

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Silly me, I thought it was about a man taking a pee….

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i thought the term for a school of jellyfish was a fluther, hence the name fluther

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If we’re speaking literally, “tapping” is something a jellyfish would find extremely difficult to do anyway…being a bit squishy.
Speaking literally, I am not a jellyfish, but a human being tapping away at a cheap USB keyboard at work.
So literally, I am tapping. At the collective of crumbs trapped beneath my keys.

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@robmandu: Back dat bloom up!

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I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly,I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly!

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I propose that we change the logo to read:

tap the ass”

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@tonedef: How did no one give you lurve for that since February?

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@asmonet. Haha! I actually just posted it, like, last week. I came here from a “related questions” link.

I like to post naughty answers in really old questions that nobody reads anymore ;)

Not really, that would be creepy.

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I post in old questions. I’m usually ot naughty about it, though. :)

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how about, “poke the collective repeatedly”?

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Can you tap dance?

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Top O the morning to you.

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