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How come I have really big pores on my cheeks?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3166points) November 14th, 2009

It’s not really too noticeable unless I stare at my cheeks, but I have a ton of little ‘holes’ in my face!!! I don’t think I’ve always had this, can I get rid of it? How come I have such big ones? (FYI, I’m 17)

Comments please. :)

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It may be genetic. even so, you can make them less noticeable.
You should try using a bentonite clay mask twice a week. Mix the clay powder with some apple cider vinegar until it’s a consistency you like. Apply it to your face and let it dry. Then rinse. There are directions on the container. I use it myself. Works great =)

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I have the same problem, and bought a pore refining mask made by Burt’s Bees, however haven’t tried it yet.

@Facade ~ will definitely have to try that, in addition to your recommendation it looks like it has some good reviews!!

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same problem here.

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@mcbealer Your mask should be effective as well. The french green clay is similar to the bentonite.
I should add that paying 8 bucks for one ounce of that stuff is basically rape.

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Genetic as they’ve said. As I understand it larger pores are associated with more oily sections of skin. I think the best you can do is keep your face very clean which will make them less noticeable. I like to wash my face with hot water to open the pores up and clear them of as much dirt and build up as possible and then rinse with very cold water which shrinks the pores.

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@fundevogel GA for the hot/cold suggestion!

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You were born that way, welcome to the club. The only thing making you think it’s noticeable is the media. No one else cares, you shouldn’t either. Mine showed up around your age, and I haven’t heard a complaint from anyone up close to them yet so… I’d say it’s a personal problem. I’ve all but forgotten them now.

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When I was little I was asleep and my sister screamed, “MOM, @Judi has BREAD SKIN!”
It gave me a complex!
Using a good astringent toner can help to make the pores smaller. When I was your age I used one with salicylic acid. Now that I’m old I use one with glycolic.
On the good side, I still don’t have wrinkles! (I’m 48.)

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Go see an esthetician. Those people can do AMAZING things. They’re cheaper than dermatologists, and if they can’t help you, they’ll let you know, but I had the same problem (plus a lot of acne scarring) and about $100 later I look SOOOOOOO much better. I’d go see an esthetician and request a lactic or glycolic peel. Just google a list of them in your area.

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I have this too, and never thought to ask about it. I just thought it was a result of having horrible skin in my adolescence. I always look forward to kick ass answers from @Facade on these matters!

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It is genetic, but it’s not even that bad because it’s easy to take care of.
Clinique has a creme that makes your pores appear smaller, my friend uses it and loves it tons.

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For a short term solution say, going to a party and to make your make up look a bit smoother on top of those pores try a Primer, apply it after moisturiser and before the rest of your facial make up. Smashbox do a good one also, Benefit do an ok one too.

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