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Does the girl in cloverfield explode or is she stabbed?

Asked by Randy (11214points) February 13th, 2008 from iPhone

My friend and I are having a debate on this. The girl we’re talking about is the one that is bitten by the smaller creatures. The military doctors quickly rush her behind a curtain and blood splatters everywhere. What are your thoughts?

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Plot holes. Nothing in Cloverfield makes any sense. The movie was very poorly written with so little story. Nothing is explained at all. Questions that can not be answered from cloverfield.
What is the monster?
Where is the monster from?
Does it die?
Why is it here?
What happens to the world?

Theres no closure to the movie at all the viewer is just left with the though “wait what?! Thats it? The movies over ?!? Seriously what the hell did i just watch?!”

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@uberbatman, I realize the point was for people to ask questions and to not know what exactly was happening, but my friend and I had different opinions and I just wanted to see what others out there thought and if there were any other possible theorys. Specifically about that part.

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She clearly explodes. That or possibly a high caliber gunshot to the head, but I didn’t hear a gun shot or see a flash.

So yeah, most likely she exploded for whatever reason.

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She was clearly shown rapidly inflating from the stomach, much like a balloon. Skin can only ‘stretch’ so far. And thus, the spurt of blood that covered the tent area where she was positioned before. From this, I’d say that it’s safe to bet on her death being more of a… burst, rather than an explosion.

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My vote is for “explode”.
@uberbatman Yea initially I was the same way “huhhh?, but after thinking about it I wrote this.

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Ka-Boom… splat!

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I thought it was an Alien homage and that she burst from inside out with a baby cloverfield…

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There was an exploded-open body on a gurney earlier in that scene—so I’m voting for explosive venom. Incidentally, if a drunk yuppie can kill one of the offspring with a brick, how come 3 B-2 bombers unloading on the big guy don’t leave a scratch?

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@schenedtandy: i didn’t get the sense that they were offspring… it seemed to me that they were parasites… like giant monster fleas.

@uberbateman: you can have your opinion, sure, but the way i saw it was that we were watching the movie from the point of view of the victims, therefore we weren’t going to get the usual movie exposition… since our lead characters didn’t get answers, we didn’t get answers. you know what i mean? i found it a very effective way to tell a story, because the film did a great job of putting me in the situation along with the characters.

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I think they’re invasive parasites and their the little guys bites carry “seed” of sort into the stomach which later inflated and explodes. The reason she starts bleeding from the eyes and then mouth is because the little guy in her abdomen is scratching and tearing things up. Possibly why she felt faint and began growing pail. So the humans become a sort of carrier for a little parasite baby.

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Marlena clearly seems to ‘burst’ from the torso if you watch the clip in slow motion. Also, when the army wheeled a soldier past on a stretcher minutes earlier (with the torn open, empty carcass) you clearly hear them say “we’ve got a bite”, indicating that the result of being bitten is some form of explosive force from within the chest.

I heard from someone that it would be medically possible for, if your heart somehow managed to well up with pressure, to cause an explosive force that could tear open your lower body. Don’t quote me on that though, I didn’t find anything to confirm it.

@uberbatman: Cloverfield is less about why anything happens, and more about what would happen if something happened. Stop asking questions; answers are a bonus, but is it not possible to just enjoy the film on a simple “if that happened to me” level?

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Way to rip off “Godzilla 1985” re: parasitic sea fleas

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At first i thought it was her head burst/exploded because her eye and mouth were bleeding so maybe the poison or whatever it was forced all the blood to the head and it burst/exploded but then i watched it again and i saw the dead dude with no stomach and then the dead spider thing being pushed and i was like ooohhh. so maybe when you get bitten by one of those spider things. the poison creates a new one inside of you and grows rapidly causing you to burst/explode

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@uberbatman It’s meant to be like that. The director wants you to feel like your in the movie as opposed to watching it. If you were in that situation it would be kind of hard to find out those questions when your rushing to escape a city.

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