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If i smoke marijuana a few times a week how long would it stay in my system?

Asked by music_03 (70points) November 17th, 2009

I have to take a drug test in about a month from now, would smoking weed a few times a week show up on the drug test? I realize the only way to make sure would be to stop, but is that necessary? I started because i was getting terrible migraine headaches that i would get extremely nauseous from and heard that smoking marijuana occasionally would get rid of my headaches, which turned out to be completely true. I haven’t had a head ache in months, and if i stopped for a month would my terrible head aches come back?

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Depending on body weight, a month, maybe two.
Those stories you heard of people getting high before their test and passing, probably aren’t true. At least not the way the story was told anyway.

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not if you stop right now! alot of it depends on your body weight- give yourself a good window = 2 weeks

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I would say stop soon…doing it the day before the test seems wayyyy too risky.

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I would say.. just stop.. for good…. There’s an actual reason that they screen for this stuff.

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I’ve heard as long as 6 weeks- our Canadian rower.

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1–3 months.

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It depends on how fast your metabolism works and on which type of drug test they are having you take. The Heretic and cyndihugs are incorrect – allowing a buffer of two weeks is the common wisdom for occasional smokers, for a piss test. However, I know several people personally who have beaten government piss tests having smoked the day before and every day leading up to that point. The secret is fruit pectin (Sure-Gel) and juice (Arizona Green Tea). They are easily obtained at your grocery store. Mix them, drink it an hour and a half to two hours before the test, and make sure to pee once before the test so the reading will be for urine molecules that are coated with the pectin and not for the stuff that was sitting in your bladder before you drank the mixture.

This is absolutely true – one of these “people I know” is my SO of five years, who has no reason to lie to me or embellish. He would tell you himself, but he doesn’t feel like fluthering right now.

There are various ways to beat other types of drug tests, like hair tests and cheek cell scrapings. Ask me for details if you need them.

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@wildpotato is right. if you can gag the pectin down. but yes it is true.

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The duration that marijuana stays in your system depends on how long you have been smoking it. A first time smoker will have signs of it leave his body within 2–3 day, at the most. More frequent smokers have THC which builds up in their fat cells and is continually released in small amounts. This can be detected 4 to 6 weeks after you last smoke if you are a regular user. If you are on a weight loss program this time may be extended further as THC is released in greater amounts as you burn more fat. That is why some heavy users can actually get high just by doing cardio workouts

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@NaturalMineralWater @trailsillustrated Yet they don’t screen for alcohol, even though all objective measures show alcohol to be more physically impairing and dangerous to your health.

The reason they screen for it is twofold. (1) To minimize corporate liability should you do something stupid at work and (2) because if your not willing to follow the governments stupid rules, how likely is is that you will break company policy as well?

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@arpinum I’d rather be around a pothead than a drunk.

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yup, it stays in your system for up to 30 days. stop now. you can pick it back up afterwards. unless you live in massachusetts, the consequences are pretty severe.

try taking an alternative medication for your migraines – butalbital has worked miracles for me. excedrin migraine is also a good quick fix for the meantime, before you get your prescription.

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Relpax is my migraine medicine. Works well for me. I was on a cheaper one, but it made me hyper and since mine always start at night and that medication would have me bouncing off the walls until early morning, it wasn’t a good fit.

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I used to have a problem with companies that would want to give me a UA before hiring. But now, I see their reasoning. I don’t want to have to be around some pothead in my line of work. Marijuana lingers in your system long after you have ‘come down’ and I really don’t want some doper as my backup should an emergency occur.

Just quit smoking the crap. There are plenty of other drugs available to regulate migraines, and besides, marijuana is illegal. You really want to go to jail that bad? Marijuana will fuck you up if you use it long enough. Until they legalize it, you’re better off just putting the pipe down and facing life with a clear head and eyes wide open.

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I have heard it’s around 30 days for a light to moderate pot smoker and up to 60 if you’re a heavy smoker. They sell at home drug tests. Pick one up and see if it shows up.

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just sayin- I know a couple, a few, people that smoke it on a daily basis, have for years, and have had their jobs for years, (senior level corporate jobs) and have completely normal lives. Now if you are flying an airplane or something like that… I hope they legalise it and they are going to, here anyway

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@deni and @arpinum Having a representative of your company who likes to lounge around on the couch and crave cheetos and violate rules that are in place (regardless of how fair they think these rules are) , is a good indication of who should be fired next.

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@NaturalMineralWater That’s a pretty big generalization about pot smokers. I agree with @arpinum and @Facade. Drinking is much more impairing then pot. And it’s too bad there isn’t a way of screening for alcoholics before hiring them.

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