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How do I download movies on my Zune?

Asked by Lacroix (537points) November 18th, 2009

I know how to download music and pictures…but how do I download movies without buying them from the Zune market place? Can I download movies I have in my home straight to my Zune, or do I need special files?

I’m not technologically savy, so a step-by-step walkthrough would be appreciated.

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The main thing is just that they need to be in .wmv format. That is, the file is named something.wmv. (it may also play m4v and mp4, but i haven’t tested that). This can be done a number of ways (if it’s not already like that) that I’ll have to explain later because I don’t have a lot of time. But, if you find a file that has it, you just need to let the zune player software find it.

So, boot up the zune software, and go to ‘settings’ on the top right. The first screen to appear should say ‘monitored folders’. If not, go to ‘Software’ on the top left and then ‘collection’ at the middle left. On the right you should see a ‘videos’ header and then a ‘add folders’ button to it’s right. Click on this, then find the folder the video’s in and hit ‘okay’.

Now, go back to your collection and go to ‘videos’ in the top left, and after the Zune finds and reads it (a few seconds, usually), it’ll appear. Just drag that to your Zune image in the bottom left corner and drop it, and it’ll sync up (as long as it’s plugged in).


P.S. I suggest having one ‘video’ folder, at least for videos you want to put on your zune. That way, you only have to do this once, and afterward just throw the video files you want in that folder. The Zune software will then find and update the files whenever you put a new one in the folder, automatically.

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I’m pretty sure Zune Player converts some video files to .wmv for you. mp4 and avi are both converted, I think.

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well, I have a lot of .avi files it’s not recognizing, so is there something I’m not doing?

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Alright, you might have to convert .avi to .wmv. But that’s easy enough to do with a free converter.

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@five99one Where would I find this converter?

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This should suit your needs. I’m pretty sure it’s the one I used before. If you don’t like that you can look around CNET or google for another converter.

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