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Should I let my aunt do my perm?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3155points) November 18th, 2009

I just recently decided that I wanted to get a wavy perm. My hair is only about 3–4 inches passed my shoulders (since I had just gotten it cut last week), layered, and I have bangs that slant a bit.

My mom suggested that I let my aunt do the perm for me… she’s inexperienced since she has just gotten her hair cutting license and she’s around 55 and somewhat forgetful.

I really want a perm now, but I think if I went to a salon, my aunt would be sad, and my mom would disapprove of it as well.

Should I trust my hair with my aunt, or just leave my hair straight?

Anybody ever had a perm go bad?

Comments please. =D

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There are a lot of ways a permanent wave can go wrong. If you wanna do that to your hair, I suggest you get it done by someone with experience.

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OTOH, you can also opt to shave your head if it goes bad, or at least cut your hair very short.

I have never had a perm take at all, and my mother has ended up with an Afro instead of the waves she wanted, so yes, perms can go bad.

It is really up to you whether you opt for family harmony with a possibility of frizz, or “decide” you don’t want a perm after all. I think you have already figured out correctly that having it done in a salon will not help your relationship with either your mother or your aunt.

Personally, I would go ahead and let your aunt do it because it is only hair and it will grow back eventually.

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Interestingly enough, the only perm I ever had go terribly wrong was done by my aunt. She was licensed, but out of practice. It. Was. Awful. :(
It is only hair, but it’s your hair. Only you can decide how important it is to you. Good luck!

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OH!! Yes, yes, I’ve had a perm go bad!!!! But I had it done at a salon where I thought they knew what they were doing and it cost me $80. to look like a badly kept poodle that no one loved!!!! I would stalk salons that do perms and see how permees look as they walk out. No one would have gone into my salon after seeing my face walking out!! If your aunt screws up your hair then what would everyone feel?? So Important!!

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don’t get a perm at all. they never look how you think theyre going to look. use new hot rollers or an iron.

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Big mistake. She will be dealing with caustic chemicals.

My daughter, who has thick wavy hair, had one salon perm when she was a teen-ager. Her hair tripled in volume and was impossible to comb. You can’t really make your hair do something it is not genetically bred to do. It is like me wanting to have smaller bones.

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I am a hairstylist.
A perm can go so beyond wrong. You could end up with horrible frizzy fried hair.
Now you say your aunt has her license, which means she is certified by the state. Every state has different guidlines to meet, and just because someone got her license does not make her a good hairstylist. Here in NY the perm section of the practical exam consists only of demonstrating how to place 5 perm rods. There is no actual perm being graded.
Ask your aunt how many perms she’s done, actual perms, not test runs. That should tell you everything you need to know. If she (or your mom) give you crap about it, then tell your mom to get one first.

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@elijah; Terrific advice.

@curiouscat: And make sure that your aunt gives your mom the perm.

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My aunt did my perm once…it looked like this
My advice…go to a professional.

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Sooo, are we all agreed that aunts + perms = DO NOT WANT?

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