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What is the best solution for photo organization for Mac OS X, non Intel systems?

Asked by rovdog (842points) November 21st, 2009

Running Os X Tiger on an older G4 machine. Anyone know any solutions for free photo organization? I wanted to use Picasa but that is Intel only. I thought about using Iphoto but honestly I don’t think it’s that good and the photos I need to organize- I want to have a new seperate library for them. I hate how Iphoto needs a copy of the photo in it’s own library. I tried I love photos but didn’t like it’s organizing features. Anyone know of some decent shareshare that won’t move my photos around?

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Just went to the site.. looks promising. Do you use this?

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Nope, sorry I can’t give any feedback on it I don’t even own a mac xD.
Worth a try though?

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I used Viewit but didn’t find it to be any better than Preview.

I just keep my photos in folders that I name and sort as I want. Why do you need something other than that? What will it accomplish?

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Phoenix Slides is nice and fast for viewing files. Unfortunately you can’t move files around from within the application. But you can use a clunky method to move them. Video

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@sebastian_von_tulu – I like it! Thanks. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I think it will do the job. It loaded 7000 photos I had to sort through in about 5 minutes. It gives you a nice easily scrollable thumbnail view that looks like a contact sheet. I basically went through using the basic marking tool and was able to get to a workable 700 photos.

@rooeytoo I can’t imagine using preview for something like this… it wouldn’t handle this number of photos. You might not need it but you should try some photo organizers. Some can do many useful things like tag photos so their searchable (I tag on flckr but I don’t need to upload all of these), create albums, etc.

Anyway I’m figuring out how it works- it’s not full featured like Iphoto or Picasa or something but it keeps your photos where they are if you want or it moves them if you want. It’s sort of like a very lite photo sorter. It’s low frills. I think it’ll work for what I need to do. Thanks!

But if you see this question- please add any other suggestions too.

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Wow, I never tried to load 7000 into Preview but I do have it running about 1500 in a slide show in the window. I didn’t realize you could tag in Viewit. Perhaps I wasn’t impressed because I didn’t explore its capabilities sufficiently.

Good luck.

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Thanks! No you can’t tag in View it- I’m only using it because I have a G4 mac. But you can move files from within the program which can help you sort photos. If you have an intel machine I think you might check out Picasa. (If you don’t like Iphoto) I think you can tag and do everything in that.

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Thanks @rovdog I’ll have a look.

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Awesome. I’m glad you’re finding it useful :)

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Yeah… thanks Sebas… Now I have an intel mac so I’m checking out Picasa (which seems pretty awesome). think I will run both it and aperture. but veiwit’s a good little light free program, def. recommended- I’m keeping it on my G4.

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