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Do you take the time to leave positive feedback for answers/questions?

Asked by Spargett (5390points) February 16th, 2008

If someone leaves a thorough, relevant, or thought provoking answer or question, do you usually rate it as a “Great Answer!”? Just trying to get a temperature reading on other people’s habits.

Feel free to elaborate on why, or why not.

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I’m a big fan of feedback. I give as many great answer/question as I can, i think it’s one of the key things that make this site special. Generally, I give “great question” to questions that address common problems or issues that have a wide reach. Things that we all wonder about, but never asked anyone.

And I give “great answer” to answers that are especially thorough and /or well-written, or if someone has gone out of the way to point the questioner in the right direction.
Also, I tend to give great answer to answers that are especially clever or wise-assed, and amusing to me, but are so without wasting the questioners time, or mocking them.

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Yes, always. I agree completely w. GD Kimble (well-said!)

However I have serious trouble w. questions that are garbled, so misspelled as to be incomprehensible, silly or immature. And what’s with the floating apostrophe, arbitrary upper case, and random full stops – now seemingly objects of artistic choice rather than linguistic clarity? It’s enough to make me want to start a side-thread for ESL -unless, of course, the writer does use ESL, in which case, I am full of admiration. (I imagine myself on a Dutch-speaking fluther, for example.)

Additionally, I run from those who use 20 hyperlinks with long quotes.

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::sob:: gailcalled is picking on me. i love my replies. :-)

i have been thanked many times for my answers and i am really proud of my score of 444 as of today since i just joined a little time ago. i do leave positives for great (normally funny/clever or extremely insightful) replies and occasionally for questions. a great answer CAN be like one sentence or much longer. although the interesting part is that i had no clue if there is a LIMIT on how many times you can say good answer or good question.

if i really love something someone said i usually comment them telling them so. much more personal (it is too bad we cannot see WHO said good reply or good question). i like finding out stuff like that (maybe cause i studied psychology and people are fascinating).

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Don’t sweat the small stuff. Your love of New Kids On The Block is disturbing but inspirational. You ask fun questions.

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I name no names, but make a sweeping generality, please note. And this is my old geezerette view of the world…mine own and just mine. MIne own rule-of-thumb is; if I have to read a sentence more than once in order to understand it, I move on.

If someone thinks that the shoe fits, that has little to do with me ;-).

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that reveal through the answers the personalities of other flutherers.
that give me something interesting or unique to look up or think about.
that get a lot of people involved in the discussion.

That actually involve the question and provide insight to that question.
that add positive or meaningful discussion to the question topic or answers.
Links that actually reduce the search for the answer.
funny answers that make me laugh.

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Always for answers to my questions that seem relevant and contribute something I appreciate, unless it’s an oversight. For answers to others’ questions, when it stands out. For questions I find interesting. Actually, in one case I did it to several responses, and it seemed like the first ones got un-checked.

@artemisdivine: The limit seems to be one per person.

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@gailcalled, re:“random full stops”
Wiki endash and emdash. I just learned of these from a layout editor at The Times. I was complaining to her that they seemed to be including dashes in every story now.
interesting stuff.
(sorry off topic)

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