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What theories are there to show there are not hidden variables in quantum mechanics?

Asked by hghgbvvn (126points) November 22nd, 2009

Or are there any?

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Well, I would guess that mainstream Quantum Physics would be the theory that shows that there’s not hidden variables in QP, since Hidden Variable Theories tend to be theories that QP is fundamentally flawed.

Is that what you’re asking?

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What part of the Copenhagen interpretation shows that there are no hidden variables that could be affecting the out come of experiments?
Their tests show sub atom particles acting seemingly random but nothing on how their cant be any hidden variables. Or maybe I’ve misunderstood.

To re phrases this how do we know there can’t be any hidden variables in QP?

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I think the answer is “We don’t, but we’re pretty sure there isn’t.”

QP is so young as a physics that there’s a lot of unknowns about mechanisms. On the other hand, most of the portions of QP that require there not be hidden variables are on the edge of the detection threshold.

Then again, I’m not a quantum physicist =)

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Bell’s Theorem and the Kochen-Specker Theorem are supposed to place restrictions on the sorts of hidden variable theories that would be admissable. Bell’s theorem requires such a theory to give up locality. KST requires it to give up non-contextuality. So basically, in restoring determinism (the philosophical motivation behind developing hidden variables theories) you have to give other elements of naive reality away. These have basically killed interest in the idea among physicists.

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R.F. Streater’s Lost Causes in Physics (”...research topics in physics which seem to me not to be suitable for students. Sometimes I form this view because the topic is too difficult, and sometimes because it has passed its do-by date. Some of the topics, for one reason or another, have not made any convincing progress.”). His “lost cause” numero uno is hidden variables (“This subject has been thoroughly worked out and is now understood. A thesis on this topic, even a correct one, will not get you a job.”)

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