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What is the wierdest place you ever eventually found something you lost?

Asked by mowens (8403points) November 25th, 2009

I lost my cell phone once… couldn’t find it anywhere. I was walking all over the house calling it trying to find it. Finally I gave up. Went to the kitchen for some food, and my phone was in the fridge. The thing is insulated so well, I couldn’t hear the phone on the outside.

So my question:
What is the weirdest or funniest place you ever eventually ended up finding something that you lost?

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My mother once found her glasses in the frizzer freezer.

I’m trying to remember a more personal story but I can’t just now.

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@sebastian_von_tulu Any excuse to say frizzer is welcome.

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I found a locket that is very important to me underneath my spare tire in the trunk of my car. I was puzzled about that one for days. I don’t know if this counts but I was taking out my contacts last night and I thought it fell to the floor I searched everywhere on my hands and knees for about 10 minutes looking for it. Then I started to wonder why I could still see so well…I still had them in the whole time!

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the fridge… (my wallet, I left it in the butter compartment behind a tin of evaporated milk)

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It sounds like the refrigerator & the frizzer are popular places to put things.

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I am joining the fridge. I left there my selfphone, it made the battery go dead

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My cellphone and lipstick in the driveway after shovelling snow away. Lipstick was fine, cellphone not so much.

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Oh and @faye made me think of another one I found my vibrator in the driveway.

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@sjmc1989 sooo many questions!

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in the garbage can. i accidently threw away my car keys which were on my tray at a wendys

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@sjmc1989 Makes sense.

@NewZen That’s good, because I enjoy it. ;)

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@faye Don’t ask because I really don’t know myself! :)

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I once lost an ugly green clog I had and found it when the dog returned it from his hidey-hole under the deck. It was too ugly for his treasure trove, I guess.

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I found my lost ring, a gold ring set with a moonstone, inside a brand new carpet I had just unrolled and put down. The ring had been gone for seven months.

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Wow, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who leaves random objects like car keys and cell phones in the fridge!

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I lost my pencil for 4 periods today I went to fix my hair and there it was! I looked like an idiot all day with a lime green pencil in my hair, no one even acknowledged it..?

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About 9 months ago my 2 year old son came downstairs with my phone in 2 bits saying ‘uh’ as he indicated the phone and ‘uh’ as he indicated the battery. ‘But where is the back?’ I asked. ‘uh’ ... ‘uh’ was the response. I looked like a right noodle for the next 3 months until I got a new phone.

A few weeks ago I came into the living room and there it was on the settee. Very weird. I think my son may be an evil genius.

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Once I found a 20$ bill in the fridge and no one owned up to it so my mom said I could keep it.. I was like 6 so I thought I was rich haha…(if only that would happen all the time lol.)

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@Brenna_o Brings a whole new meaning to “cold hard cash”!

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@augustlan haha yea i know! Ahh that made me laugh lol. GA!

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@icehky06 it probably looked so nice w/the green glasses that everyone thought it was intentional!!! :-D

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I found cooked turkey that I placed in a tupperware container for leftovers in my cupboard. Apparently my fiance was tired and forgot that turkey goes in the fridge.

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My daughter lost a ring, and found it on a website that sells items confiscated by the police.

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I was folding my laundry when a long lost ring came flying at me out of thin air. It must have been in the folds of the clothes as I shook out the wrinkles prior to folding it.

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Wow I think @filmfann won!

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Yes, seriously. I won? Is there a prize?

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Well I was walking through the park the other day with my fiance and dad and I had taken my frisbee out there and i started going omg where did my frisbee go and Eric turned around and said ” right there in your hand ”, I was like oh oops lol :-)

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@justme1 haha that mist of been embarassing lol. :) Thats a first haha

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lol it was

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