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Can you un-request a friend on facebook?

Asked by sophied (106points) November 25th, 2009

I’d like to undo a friend request I made. Long story . . . He hasn’t replied yet, so the status is still “awaiting confirmation.” Is it possible to just undo it?

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Yes. I know I’ve done it. I can’t remember how though. Google “How to remove someone from your friend list on Facebook” and you’re sure to get it. The Internet ROCKS!!!

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@sarah826 I’m not trying to remove him from my friend list, I’m trying to remove the friend request.

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Yes you can, I just tried it on a random stranger.

You’ll find him/her in your friends list (click on All Connections and scroll through until you find said person. For some reason their listed alphabetically by forename).

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So basically you’re not “undoing” it but removing them from your friends list before they’ve actually accepted it.

Just to clarify – if that actually clarified it at all?

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I found another way, too. I blocked him, and then unblocked him, and the friend request disappeared.

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Well as long as it works, I guess!

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yes you can. at the very bottom of the page your friends with you can remove from friends. or go to your friends list and there is a small x right next to their name just click on that and that will remove them from your friends list. i have cleaned up my friends list 2xs in the past month. so i hope this helps you out and good luck.

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good idea i block her then i’ll go to privacy and’s working.

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