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Lite beer or dark beer, what do you prefer and why?

Asked by kheredia (5561points) November 25th, 2009

I know it’s a matter of preference and I’m more of a dark beer type of person but I’m always open to trying something new. My favorite beer is New Castle. I just really like the thickness and the taste.

What are some of your favorite beers and are you more of a dark beer person or a lite beer person?

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Blue Moon with an orange slice…ummmm! Rolling Rock or Heineken Light

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I haven’t tried Rolling Rock.. is that a lite beer?

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@Kheredia: It’s a pale lager… delish. I got really sick from beer one night in high school and didn’t drink beer for years until I tried this stuff.

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Lite beer?
Psssh, you might as well have water

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@tyrantxseries Lol!!! I don’t do jack anymore.. He and I just don’t seem to get along ;-)

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I don’t like “lite” beers. There’s really nothing to them.

I don’t care for dark beers, such as Guinness. It’s too roasty and bitter.

Personally, I go for the amber ales, wheat beers, and other similar brews. Especially Belgian lambics – those Belgians sure know their beer!

There’s a rainbow of beer out there.

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Whichever is the most malty and the least hoppy, like a really good bock beer.

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I’m going to be honest; all I do is drink cheap beer at frat parties…I don’t really know what it is… :P

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Also, Fat Tire Amber Ale is really good. Sorry but you east coasters wouldn’t know about that beer. It’s only available west of the Rockies.

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I like amber ales generally like Bass aand Killian’s or amber microbrews and India Pale Ales.

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@AstroChuck I’m having a fat tire right now.. yummy :-)

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@AstroChuck I’ve seen Fat Tire before and I’m on east coast. Doesn’t it taste similar to Blue Moon?

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I don’t know. Never had Blue Moon. My understanding is that Fat Tire isn’t distributed east of Colorado.

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@sjmc1989 No, I’ve had Blue Moon and I don’t like it as much as I like Fat Tire. I think Blue moon is a bit more bitter.

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@AstroChuck I have only seen it once and it was in Myrtle Beach where you can make your own six pack I loved that! I’m pretty sure we picked up a couple flat tires. I’m not much of a beer person but I did enjoy it.

@kheredia It might of tasted similar to me because I don’t drink beer often and it’s hard for me to distinguish different tastes. Wine on the other hand different story

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Keiths India Pale Ale.. amazing beer! or Rickards Red or White is good too. I like Heineken and Stella also.

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My favorite is Bellhaven on tap. Hard to find though. Guinness is good too. So, I guess dark beer is my favorite!

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My taste is much like @laureth.‘s I hate lite beer. It tastes like water to me. Dark beer is too heavy.

One of my favorites lately is Point Special. My husband and I discovered it during one of our vacations in northern Wisconsin and luckily there are two places near us that sell it.

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@mclaugh Keith’s White is pretty damn good too.

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My favorite of the month is Full Sail’s new Scotch Ale. I don’t even remember what it’s called. I have a couple bottles in back of the fridge for tomorrow and I’m looking forward to sharing it. Definitely not a light beer.

Also, ‘lite’ is just mega-corporate speak for shitty beer made with rice.

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Ooh, Deschutes Jubelale ‘09 is good this year too.

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There are good things to be said for light beer and dark beer! But I like wheat beers best. I really like Hoegaarden, Allagash, and once I tried an apple flavored wheat beer called Unibroue Ephemere that was awesome.

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Newky Brown is also my favorite.

Look for beers that are malty, not hoppy. Stay away from IPAs. You might consider going darker, like Guinness or a good black or stout—they’re not nearly as bitter as people make them out to be. Oftentimes they’re quite round and smooth.

Look for bocks, and you might want to branch out to some belgium-style ales. I’m a fan of Chimay Blue when I can get it. Maredsous is also delicious.

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I’m a cheap date… Rolling Rock (only in a bottle, please) is by far my preference. I enjoy an occasional wheat beer, like Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat, but I couldn’t drink it all the time. I like a crisp, refreshing taste.

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Well Christ I wish I could drink, but if I could it would be a dark brew.

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Chimay Grande Reserve

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Inspired by this thread, I am now enjoying an ice cold Rolling Rock. :)

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I like both light beer and dark beer, but Lite beer isn’t beer. It is basically carbonated water with a touch of yellow coloring.

Tonight I had a Shock Top Belgian White, which was quite pleasant, but last night I opted for a Dos Equis Amber. When I can get it, I like Shiner Bock or Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager.

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I prefer bock beers such as Lowenbrau brewed in Munich, Germany

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I simply prefer a beer.

Truth be told, I prefer a lot of them.

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I am not a big beer drinker. I can’t stand lager. But I love some Guinness, I think it has a good taste.

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Light in Color: Pilsner Urquell

Dark in Color: Kumbacher

Lite Beer: Miller High Life Light. I don’t understand people who say light beer has no flavor. It most certainly does. A different flavor perhaps, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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(Keith’s tastes better warm than cold) either way it’s gross

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I like all beer that doesn’t have fruit in it, isn’t brewed with fruit, and isn’t infused with fruit. Light and dark is more of a mood than a prefrence for me.

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@Anonymous523 ill drink any Keiths! ♥ favorite beer ever!

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Light in color: Spotted Cow (from New Glarus; only available in WI and closely surrounding area)

Dark in color: Winter Warlock (from Bristol Brewing; you can tell if someone’s ever lived in Colorado Springs because they’ll be mildly obsessed with this beer).

Lite: Lionshead (the Philly version of Bud Lite)

@AstroChuck We can get a limited amount of New Belgium out here, but pretty much only in Delaware. And it’s not too hard to find in Chicago.

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I’m madly in love with dark beer. Leffe and Boréal Noire to name a few. They usually have a strong taste, which I enjoy.

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@Symbeline Ive never had Boréal Noire, but I wouldn’t consider Leffe a dark.

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Lite beer is great for cooling off in the summer, but dark beer is the perfect dinner companion.

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@Capt_Bloth Well yeah, Leffe has three different recipes. Blond, red and “brune” which is the dark one.

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