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Are there any homebrewers?

Asked by gorillapaws (22512points) 1 week ago

I just got a kit for trying out extract brewing and had a brief overview class by the brewmaster at a local brewery that walked us through the basics.

I’d love to one day get the opportunity to play around with nitrogen beer, but I’ve got to walk before I can run. Other than being extremely strict with sanitation and maintaining a consistent temp during fermentation, are there any tips you may have learned that made a big difference and wish you’d known earlier?

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Yes. I have been homebrewing for many years and do both extract and all grain brewing. I don’t keg, I bottle. You are correct. The most important things are to hit your temperatures and after boiling the wort you keep everything strictly sanitized.

It’s actually pretty hard to screw up beer if you follow the recipe and you’re not doing anything too complicated. Happy to answer any more specific questions you might have. But remember, relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew!

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I’ve been homebrewer since before Jimmy Carter, sanitation is important. Relax and enjoy.

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I have done my share too but it has been a little while. This book is a must have. That’s where @Caravanfan pulled his last line from. All of us have his books I’m sure. The three rules of brewing are sanitation, sanitation and sanitation. Those kits are a good start if it’s what I’m thinking, a fermenter, bottling bucket, air lock, bottling equipment etc… If you kept it clean, you’ll be amazed at how good just a basic recipe will be. Don’t be afraid to experiment either!

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I’m trying to find the best spot to do my fermenting and bought a wireless thermometer that records the air temp every 10 minutes. There’s a closet in my basement that I’m hopeful about. What I’ve read suggested that fermenting temp should stay between 60F – 70F (for ale). Assuming the temp remains in that range, how critical is it that the temp doesn’t fluctuate? In other words, would it be very harmful to the beer if it went through regular daily temperature cycles, oscillating between say 62 and 66?

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That kind of temperature fluctuation is fine. You just don’t want wild swings. Beer does not like being much over 65 degrees for ales. Real brewers keep a constant temperature obviously but I just solve the issue but not brewing in the summer

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