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Why do people look in the fridge repeatedly even after we have looked millions of times before?

Asked by reacting_acid (1181points) November 25th, 2009

Does anybody know why we do this? I am constantly doing this, and I am curious as to why. Thanks for your answers in advance! :)

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Because things happen in it when we are not looking.

My father used to do this in an attempt to satisfy some nameless craving: “I know I want something, but I don’t know what it is.” I sometimes look for inspiration: “Maybe an idea for dinner will present itself if I look once more.” (And sometimes it does!)

Also that is the place to look for your glasses, your car keys, your wallet, your $20 bill, your vibrator…

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Hope springs eternal?
Short term memory failure?

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Because I believe in magic.

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Hoping something will appear that was not there before. Or, taking a second and third look at something that might look better after a first look.

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To ensure the little people that turn the light on and off aren’t mooching my food. They have already been warned once!

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Optimism. If there wasn’t anything tasty in there before, maybe the food elves have stashed something in there when I wasn’t looking.

I once found my cat in the fridge. He knew how to open the door and got so engrossed in the cold cuts that he let the door shut behind him.

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@Jeruba: Vibrator in the frizzer? Are you serious (and Jeruba-like)?

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Because if nothing magically appears, sometimes after the fifth or sixth look, you’re actually hungry enough that a squirt of mustard is better than nothing.

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Ha ha, @ratboy. Check my link. Seriously.

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Because we’re a pack of morons?!

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haha LMFAO…...

I do that all the time.

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Because we’re bored and food entertains.

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Most of the time I do just to check the bulb is still working…....

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It’s one of the cornerstones of life. Hungry, look in the fridge, nothing to eat, even more hungry, look again.

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