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What motivates you to participate this Black Friday?

Asked by nimarka1 (944points) November 26th, 2009

Anyone have plans to go? Do you get really into it and wake up or stay up till 5am to be one of the first?
What is it that motivates you to do this?
What are you planning to buy and from where?
Is it really worth the trouble?
This would be my first year actually participating so I wanted other people’s opinions.

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Honestly we just don’t have the money. Plus, I looked at a lot of ads and there’s nothing that I really want/need. I already have a tv, mp3 player, computer and microwave so for me it would be a waste of time.

I’ve done the whole thing in the past and it was fun, other times I hated it. I think it depends on who you go with and your attitude about it. Most stores only have one or two doorbusters in stock so don’t go and expect to get the deal. Just go for the experience.

Tips- if you decide you do want one of the doorbuster deals, get there around midnight the night before to get either a ticket or place in line. Espescially at stores like Best Buy.

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@gemiwing Thanks for the tip!

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You couldn’t pay me to go to black friday.

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Hell freakin’ no!

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Going out shopping on Black Friday is like giving up beer.

I’ll never be accused of either one.

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Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

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It usually motivates me (even more than usual) to stay home in bed – just like the thought of grocery shopping on Turkey Wednesday does, but moreso.

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I stay totally inside to avoid the crazies

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If I had extra money, I’d be all over it. And if I didn’t basically have my final due too

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I stay home in my pajamas all day and eat leftovers.

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the missus motivates me. She’s making me get her to the stores at 5 am. So just out of spite i’m going to drag her to any and all electronics stores that we happen to even drive close to (if not in front of) and will prolly get an HDTV out of spite.

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@pinkparaluies You took the words right out of my mouth!

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I used to be one of those people woking on Black Friday. The sales are the samethe next day, and many times they were the same the Wednesday before, so everything is already set up for the Friday opening. It is true that sometimes items are brought in especially for that day, so once they sell out there might no tbe any left the rest of the season. But, hey, there is always something else.

Now that I am on the other side, sometimes I am out shopping on Black Friday and sometimes not. Has nothing to do with it being teh day after thanksgiving, just a matter of if I need/want to go out or not like any other day.

I would never get up extra early to be in a store at the crack of dawn! This trend pisses me off. When I worked for bloomingdale’s and saw that Macy’s and others were going towards early early openings like 7:00 and 8:00am I used to say the day they ask me to come in 7:00am, or earlier to open the store I quit.

Some of the stores where I live like Banana Republic and some others were open Thanksgiving day, and in J.Jill a manager and some sales associates were telling me they were open last Easter. I think that sucks. For me I like it personally, because it is annoying when everything is closed, but for the people who celebrate those holidays and have to work it’s just wrong. It was bad enough when they started opening on New Years—do any of you shop New Years day?

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I think it’s fun. I went last year with some friends and didn’t buy a single thing. We didn’t go anywhere super crazy like Best Buy or Walmart, though.

Tonight we are starting at Toys R Us (yes, I’m going somewhere crazy this year… it may change my entire attitude about BF!) at midnight, Old Navy (opens) at 3am, Sears and JC Penney (4am), Target and Bed Bath & Beyodn (5am). We are planning/hoping to eat at IHOP at some point, but I’m not sure it is going to happen.

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My neighbors have more debt than I do—I just want to keep up. Maybe I’ll buy another Lamborghini; the one in the garage is dirty.

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My husband and I will be going out at Midnight. We aren’t going to cut anyone’s throat, we’re going to just check out the deals and enjoy a fun night together…sounds weird to some I guess.
This is the first time we’ve ever gone out for black Friday sales. We do not plan on being out shopping during the early hours (such as 4 or 5am)

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Because my dad is a crap parent and my mom doesn’t mess with that stuff, I’m taking my younger siblings tonight. I’m hoping we don’t run into anything too crazy, but we’re going to best buy so…yeah. Both my sibs are only looking for one thing so hopefully we won’t be in that cluster too long(I don’t like large groups of people).

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Having watched a bit of the prep from the stores on the news… I am preparing for one enormous day long cluster-fuck. oh well.

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I avoid Black Friday like the plague. The mall is bad enough on normal days, much less so when all these sleepless, greedy people are grabbing for everything they can.

Me, I’ll stay home and finish up Under the Dome and then start on Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman.

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If my friend and writing partner’s birthday wasn’t tomorrow and I wasn’t picking up a useful book for him, I’d not be participating at all. I think it’s disgraceful.

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Hell NO!! This is my first year in 4 years not being a retail manager! I am not going near the mall I’m going to have a nice day of eating leftovers and decorating for the holidays. Ahhh good times. :)

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My husband is the nut in our family who does the black Friday thing. He will be up in a few hours to go out. The motivation is purely saving money. Though, it is like a sport for him, and he actually gets great deals. He spends a day or two compiling lists of everyone’s gift ideas, then compares them in every circular (paper and online) for the best deal. Then he has to figure out where to go when, because you know, different stores have extra savings at different times. Also, he will go to Kohl’s and get some things, get the Kohl’s cash, then figure out if he can get items cheaper there with the cash than somewhere else. But somehow, he is so organized he does this all with the swiftness of a jack rabbit and is home in just a few hours. And I mean he shops for everyone during this time. He’s a total pro. You won’t catch me outside my house tomorrow.

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My Mother is a nurse that works nights. She just texted me saying that the Toys R Us across the street is packed full… at two in the morning..

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I just finished black friday shopping. left the house at 5 am… arrived at 8:45 pm… spent more money than i care to admit. just showered and am in bed and only logged on to add something else to this thread and to send out a hearty FUCK YOU to capitalism for tricking me into spending way too much money on crap i don´t need.
in all seriousness i had a blast. I´m jsut really tired after 15 hours of shopping.

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