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If held hostage or kidnapped, would you be able to keep a promise not to go to the police if they let you go?

Asked by Ansible1 (4836points) November 27th, 2009

I see this often in movies and TV shows. Someone is held captive, and in fear for their life they promise the hostage taker that if they just let them go they won’t go to the police or tell anyone. Would you try to make this deal, and if it worked would you be able to keep the promise?

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I don’t see why I should keep a deal with an abductor. A rather unsavory bunch, they are.

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I wouldn’t go to the police, but I’d go to my SO. I know I’d be safe there. Plus, if he goes to the police, I’d still be keeping my promise.

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I would do and say anything that, in my panic, may give me hope of release. First thing I’d do upon said release is find a phone and call the police.

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Nope, I’d screw over anyone who put me through that kind of ordeal. Like the others above have mentioned, if they treat me like that then they deserve nothing beyond what they forcefully take. Now, if they had someone I care about as collateral then I’d do whatever shifting about to avoid that person being harmed by the kidnapper.

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I think a lot of it depends on how long the person is kept hostage. If it’s an acute situation – happens fast, short duration – I’d probably be all about going to the police. After all, that person kidnapped me and held me hostage!

For longer duration chronic situations, sometimes Stockholm syndrome kicks in and the captive begins to sympathize or identify with the captor. I doubt that these people would go to the authorities afterward. If you are hurt every day and begin to think it’s normal, there’s no reason to go tell people – especially if the captor threatens with violence, blackmail, or some other harm.

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It doesn’t really consist of an honorable deal when it’s with d**kheads.

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How the hell can you tell until you’re faced with the situation?

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No way in HELL I would keep that promise!

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I don’t know what I’d do, honestly. If I made that promise, though, I’d probably keep it – I hardly consider the police capable of protecting me.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I feel like they wouldn’t believe someone. Or they’d be like “Just go home, we’ll look for them.”

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I certainly wouldn’t tell the abductors that I wasn’t going to keep my promise, and I most certainly wouldn’t let them get away to do it to someone else. Thus, I would happily make such a promise, but if they were naive enough to believe me and set me free, I would promptly do whatever I could to keep them from kidnapping anyone else.

It isn’t nice to kidnap people.

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No way, I would totally narc on those jerks.

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It’s not really a question of being able to keep the promise. Why would I ever want to?

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I got a better deal, “you let me go and I won’t KILL you.”

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@tyrantxseries – That only works if you are Chuck Norris.

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even Chuck Norris couldn’t hold me hostage

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I meant Chuck Norris would kill the abductors. Without fail. Every time. With his bare hands tied behind his back. Blindfolded.

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And risk them more than likely kidnapping and killing another innocent victim? No way. I’d go straight to the cops.

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Police are predictable, and any high end kidnapping organisation would be able to deal with the police anyway. If it was more of a backyard job then I certainly would, but if not then maybe I wouldn’t because police would make the situation worse, and may trigger them to kill their other hostages too. Whatever happened I would not be controlled by fear of them, but my personal need for closure and vengeance.

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@FireMadeFlesh If you wouldn’t tell the cops, would you at least call on Chuck Norris?

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@Darwin Of course. I wouldn’t let them get away with it! Maybe I’d go train in the SAS and do it myself.

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Yes, if my life depended on it but i’d have to tell somebody for sure. I have a big mouth.

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Thats a real bad stage to be in. I would just call the most definsive police I know. No that hopefully the kidnapper would be arrested, and I would live happily ever after. The End.

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