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Dog won't eat but not sick?

Asked by faithful (38points) November 27th, 2009

I have a 9 mo. old mini dachshund. i have had him since he was 13wks. he has a needy personality and he likes to be with me where ever i go. i noticed a long time ago that he doesn’t eat unless i’m in the same room as him. if i left the room after i put his bowl down he would grab a mouthful of kibble and follow me and eat little pieces while did whatever i needed until i returned to the room where his food was and he would continue eating.

it was never a problem because i was only working part time. now that i’m working full time he goes hours without eating or drinking until i get home. I’ve tried to get people he knows to come in and feed him but he refuses. he will only eat when i am there. recently my mom came to visit and she let him have some of the fat from her bbq because she read somewhere it makes their coat shiny even though i told her not to.

since then he refuses to eat his dog food. he drinks water and hasn’t touched his dog food. i thought he was eating but instead he was just grabbing mouthfuls and hiding it around the house. i took him to three different vets. all gave him a clear bill of health and one gave me a liquid formula to increase his appetite.

everyone tells me that a healthy dog will not starve himself but he went from 10 pounds to 8 pounds between the first and second vet visit. and from 8 pounds to 7 pounds on his third visit. they tell me not to coddle him and to stay firm with his feeding times.

i broke down and gave him some people food, yogurt and turkey. he ate like he was starving (since he hasn’t eatten for three days)

what would you do?

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Put a little “real” food in his dog food and reduce the amount gradually until its just dog food again.

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i have tried that. he uses his nose to brush away the dog food, pick out the people food and refuses to eat the remaining dog food

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With a dog that size, I would just feed him real food. Google the BARF diet and see what you think of that.

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He will eat when he’s hungry enough. He’s probably eating when you’re not aware of it, just not much. Especially if you have a full bowl of food. Try having just a little in there and see if any of it disappears.

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With our dogs we feed them at a particular time twice a day, and if they don’t eat the food at those times we pick it up. They quickly learned that eating time was at those specific times and rapidly developed a strong interest in eating everything offered.

Try that with him and see how it works.

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It be depressed, mon. Or it has an intestinal or other problem – VET ASAP!

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he’s been on a feeding schedule since i’ve had him. he doesn’t care about his food dish being picked up. he doesn’t go searching for food or begging for people food when he sees people eating. when i set his food dish down if there is no people food in it he will try to turn the bowl upside down and walk away.

3 different vets at 3 different offices have found him healthy

he is fed Innova puppy food

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When a dog that weighs 10 pounds loses almost ⅓ of his body weight, I would feed him anything he would eat. Once you get his weight back up you can try to play mind games.

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We fed my Papillon some turkey on Thanksgiving, and now she won’t eat her dry dog food (she hasn’t eaten anything all day Friday). We’ve only had her for one week, but I’m not really concerned. We’ve instituted a strict “no people-food” policy and we’ve started taking her out a couple of extra times a day to get her appetite up. My brother dropped a piece of leftover turkey on the floor, and she quickly ran over and gobbled it up, so I know she has an appetite, she’s just being picky. Eventually her hunger will get the better of her, I’m sure.

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If you have been feeding dry food, try switching to canned food. Then gradually add dry food back in until the dog is back to eating kibble by itself.

My dogs think canned food is people food. It actually tastes a lot like canned corned beef hash. Yes, I tried it.

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@Darwin You can serve it at the next party you have as something “gourmet.” ;D

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@Darwin – you are brave woman, not for the dog food part, but the canned corned beef hash part, eheheheh!

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Great answers so far. The only thing I might add is that you could try VitaGravy. It’s a liquid you put on the dog food to get them interested. You might also try a different kind of dog food to trick his mind a bit. I agree, most dogs will eat eventually. Sounds like you’re furbaby has quite a stubborn streak!

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Do they still make Moist N Meaty dog food? they were these little pouches of “shredded” soft, but dry food. Our dogs looooooooooved it.

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Maybe he just doesn’t like that brand of dog food. At that age, he should be OK w/2 meals a day… I know, provided he actually eats it. You could try adding some fish oil on his food; dogs seem to like it & it is good for them, too. I will say I’m on the side of just getting him to eat & get his weight where it should be, then worry about cutting out the ‘goodies’. Try mixing in things that aren’t bad, like maybe a scrambled egg, or some lean burger, rather than really fatty stuff.

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thank you for the responses they are good answers but unfortunately most of the things i’ve already tried. you’re right gemiwing i have a very stubborn furbaby. i think it’s a breed trait. he hates the canned food. as soon as he smells it he runs in the opposite direction. he hates the fish oil, does the same thing.

i haven’t tried the gravy or scrambled eggs suggestions yet so i will try those. I need something i can smear all over the dog food to coat it with so he can’t figure out which is people food and which is dog food when he’s pushing it around with that long nose of his. so i’ll probably try the gravy first. but i agree getting his weight back up is the biggest thing. i guess i’d rather have a stubborn people food eating dog over a starving one.

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@faithful Try mixing the dog food in with the egg while you’re cooking it. It might be gross and he might refuse, but its worth a shot. :)

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@faithful – now you’re on track. If any creature suddenly loses ⅓ of its body weight, it is a great concern, when it is a 10 pound creature, the situation could be critical.

Vets sell dog food so they have a vested interest in promoting it. They say it is balanced and you don’t have to worry about your dog getting all its vitamins etc. The same could be said of humans but we would refuse to eat pellets of food that used to be used as fertilizer sprayed with fat in the name of nutrition.

I feed all 3 of mine real food. PM me if you want to talk about it and how it can be done easily and inexpensively.

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Hello ,my dotzie doesn’t wanna eat her dog food she pushes it alway or covers it with her blanket I have her on wilderness dog food pretty good food when it goes for days without eating her skin dryers up and flaky then she gets under her blanket doesn’t come out i need some advice thank you ..

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Please help, I have spoiled my dog for 14 years and I am losing the battle how can I get her to eat her dog food which is better for her. thanks.

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