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Is there anything other than anemia that causes a person to bruise easily?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) February 18th, 2008

I just joined the rock climbing gym and i hit the wall a lot, have to rest on my knees sometimes, whatever, but I get terrible bruises every time. What’s the deal? I always test negative for anemia…..

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A deficiency in certain nutrients can certainly do it. Primarily vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, bioflavonoids, and zinc. Other causes can be:

• long-time stress from illness, frustration or depression
• smoking
• frequent emotional outbursts such as anger
• exposure to pollutants, allergens or heavy metals

So essential an overall healthy body is more bruise resistant. Though, if what you’re doing is hard enough, no amount of vitamins, etc. will stop enough blunt force trauma.

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I read somewhere not enough iron.

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i had a friend growing up who was bruised ALL the time. she was like a banana. i HAVE anaemia and i dont bruise.

Bruises Overview
A bruise is a common skin injury that results in a discoloration of the skin. Blood from damaged blood vessels deep beneath the skin collects near the surface of the skin resulting in what we think of as a black and blue mark.

Bruises can occur in some people who exercise rigorously, such as athletes and weight lifters. These bruises result from microscopic tears in blood vessels under the skin.
Unexplained bruises that occur easily or for no apparent reason may indicate a bleeding disorder, especially if the bruising is accompanied by frequent nosebleeds or bleeding gums.

Bruising is the body’s normal response to local trauma or damage. Local bruising needs investigation to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the bruising. Certain medical conditions such as bleeding disorders can also lead to more generalized or excessive bruising. People with these conditions bruise easily and more than normal. Some possibilities include hemophilia (genetic disease) and the lesser known and often undiagnosed Von Willebrand’s disease. ANY UNEXPLAINED BRUISING NEEDS MEDICAL INVESTIGATION.

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all good answers but also add certain medications one very common is Advil aka ibuprofen

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This is definitely one to raise with your doctor. There are many causes, including some serious things like leukemia and hyperthyroid. Get checked out, in case you have something brewing you want to catch early.

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a friend of mine growing up also bruised easily.. she had a clotting disorder (not hemophilia) that just needed control with meds. i second the dr idea above.. better safe than sorry!

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update: i am now getting less bruises and i think its because i am no longer a beginner. yah!

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You could have low platelets. I bruise easily had a blood test done and all it came up with is low platelets, I asked what does that mean, and she said it just means you bruise easy.

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Thanks! Turns out I do have low iron and low something else, maybe it was the platelets

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