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How do you make pain go away without medicine and suicide?

Asked by jessicamarie (199points) November 29th, 2009

i need help forgetting something

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Depends on what kind. Try doing something that you like to do, like reading or walking. Endorphins are your friends. ^^ Or you could try talking to someone reliable, like an adult.

You could also try forgiveness. It’s really for you, not the other person, anyway.

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@troubleinharlem Very true about forgiveness. It wasn’t long ago I understood this for the first time. GA.

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@oratio ; weirdly, I heard it from “Madea Goes to Jail”. xD

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You need to talk to someone. This sounds like emotional pain so medicine is not the answer. If there was a trauma in your life, it is really important to tell an adult that you trust about it.

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Hi @jessicamarie Welcome to Fluther.

You have not given any details so I will have to be pretty general as well.
Medicine will only delay your emotional healing.

I think we have all been where you are. That is one of the things about life is that learning sometimes is real painful. If you can take what you have learned from what caused your pain then it is not in vain.

Yes- the pain is real.
Yes it can seem like you will never be over it.
Yes others might have been affected.

But know this:

Fact: Others are not as hard on you as you are.
Fact: Others will forget things long before you do.
Fact: If you learn from what happened you can then forgive yourself.
Fact: Time heals all wounds.
Fact: Today painful lesson can make you a stronger and wiser person.

Find someone to confide in if you are overwhelmed.

Remember that nobody gets through life unscathed. The trick is to grow stronger and not let it wash you away.

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I forgot to mention that if you are really stressed out then exercise is a great way to help get things back under control.

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grab the ice cream and remote just kidding

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Talk to someone who can be completely objective. Meditate. Learn to be still & sit with yourself. Exercise is hugely beneficial. I hope things improve

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What is it that you want to forget? Odds are, many people have been there. It often feels better not being alone in pain.

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You need to forget something?Medicine won’t help you forget. And suicide will kill you (obviously). I don’t know any details of your situation so it’s hard to help but sometimes it’s better to forgive and move on. Even if you need to forgive yourself.

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Is there an adult in your life you can sit down and talk to? A teacher or counselor or other adult you trust. (I don’t mean to sound sexist here, but since you mention in another question that you are an 8th grader and your name is Jessica I’m assuming you are a girl. I know when I was that age I had no desire to share my problems with a man.). If not your mom then perhaps an aunt or older cousin. Whatever it is you are trying to forget, you are probably not the first young woman to have dealt with it, and sometimes connecting with someone who has had a similar experience is a good place to start.

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Ah pain, my lonely friend.

At least, if it’s emotional pain. I’m not nearly as fond of physical pain.

It goes in it’s own sweet time. The thing is that you need to process it, emotionally. If you deny it or try to forget it, then you are only delaying the healing. The best thing to do, actually, is to go over it over and over, preferably with friends, if they are willing to do that. If not, then with a therapist, or a support group, or whoever you can find who will listen.

The talking about it slowly lets out your feelings and slowly diminishes the pain. But it takes time. No matter how you deal with it, it takes time. If it is about love, then, depending on how attached you were and how serious you were, it could take a long time.

I wish I had better news. We can’t control our emotions. We can only feel them and pay them more or less attention.

So I’m sorry you’re hurting. Feel free to tell us your story. It will help, and you’ll get a lot of good feedback (and some bad feedback). There are a lot of people here who care, and it makes a difference.

Welcome to fluther, and good luck.

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Take one dose of fluther every hour until the pain subsides.

Fluther is recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. No known allergies have been associated with fluther. If you have questions about fluther, consult the collective.

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Let me take you to dinner.

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Verbalize it over and over again. Holding it in only gives it power. Spill it, sister.

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I should have added that it’s possible to become addicted to fluther. XD

Really, time and good company are the best healers of pain. Everyone has time.. and we are your good company here at fluther along with those near and dear to you.. =)

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I have nothing to add to the excellent answers given, but I would like to point out that there is experimental evidence that it may be possible to induce someone to forget. Link The article does not explain the mechanism and I can’t locate a place that does. I remember reading that when we recall something, the original memory is temporarily obliterated and that the brain has to reconstruct it. There is work being done with a protein that blocks the reconstruction. It sounds to me like a potentially dangerous thing to play around with.

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Let me clarify what I said. The theory is that when we recall something, the memory goes from long term memory to short term memory. The memory is removed from long term memory and then reconstructed from short term memory. The protein used for forgetting interferes with the transfer from short term memory back to long term memory.

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