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What are some games to play indoors at night [preferably with lights off] with about 15 people?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) November 29th, 2009

My church has lock-ins every so often with the youth (senior high). I’m just cool and stick around to play games.
We turn all the lights off in the three level church and play flashlight tag and sardines for most of the night. It’s a great time, but it gets repetitive.

What are some other games that we can play that are similar?
We have a regulation sized basketball court in our gym that can be used too, but we prefer the run-around-in-the-dark-until-you-hit-a-wall type games.

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Marco Polo, Ghost Stories, Murder in the Dark

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Mafia is a fun party game, although not much running around.

Charades is also fun with a group, or Pictionary if you have a big white board.

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Yes…Murder in the Dark. Good memories.

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Kinky question. ๎…

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@AstroChuck Not at church… only church camp.

@oratio @caly420 How do you play Murder in the Dark?

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@AstroChuck Damnit that was what I was going to say!

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@rangerr โ†’ยค. But we usually wrote murderer or detective on pieces of papers mixed with blank ones, where everyone drew theirs from a hat. The brushing of the shoulder and ”You are dead…” always creeped me out.

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@oratio I think that might work. At least for a few rounds.

We played capture the flag once using the entire building, and someone’s head got pushed through a wall. That seems like a less rowdy game.

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@rangerr Lol, yes. It sounds like a fun church though.

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You could turn the lights off in the gymnasium and play dodgeball in the dark. I’m sure it’s safe.

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- hide and seek?
– hide biblical clues around the grounds and make it lead to some sort of treasure. (My personal favorite even in the daytime.. but at night? Bloody awesome dude!)

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Murder in the Dark!

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As @emma193 suggested, Mafia fersure.

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@PandoraBoxx That’s one of our favorites. We run out of creative places though. Only I’m brave enough to climb in the attic rafters.

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