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Can I deposit a rebate prepaid debit card into my bank account or do I have to spend it at a store?

Asked by drdoombot (8120points) December 1st, 2009

It seems that many merchants are now issuing prepaid debit cards instead of checks for rebate offers.

Can I simply insert my debit card into an ATM to take the cash out or perhaps deposit it into my bank account? I hate the idea of having my money on a card and having no way of getting it out besides spending it on more crap I don’t need.

Seeing as how I have an option from Staples to get my rebate back as a prepaid debit card or a check, which option should I take?

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you could spend it on groceries… that way it wouldn’t be something you don’t need.

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Most likely you can simply get the cash out of your ATM, unless the card is only good for the name on the card. I got one for Starbucks that could only be used at their shop, but a ‘visa’ card would be good anywhere.

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