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Why has it been so difficult to discover a motive for the NIU shootings by Steven Kazmierczak?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) February 19th, 2008

I find it very disconcerting that there has been so little information relating to Steven Kazmierczak’s motive for his shooting at NIU. In the past, we have learned what caused this kind of unbelievable action, and, perhaps, have learned how to be aware of such possible mental illness. But this young man seems to have hidden his motives so well that there was very little evidence of what was to come. If there is no pre-evidence, how can anyone help?

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there is no help. first off the USA is obsessed with guns. talking as a Canadian we have a FRACTION of the gun deaths that you have down there. cause it is tough for us to get a gun. no guns = no deaths. lots of guns = lots of deaths. what exactly does a REGULAR american who does not live in a ghetto or carry around a bunch of diamonds NEED with a gun. seriously.

now his girlfriend KNEW he had TWO guns and she was fine with that. she didnt know that he had two more. although i am sure she would not care if he had the four. cause that is USA society. based on the wild west and all that (hint there arent any indians around anymore to shoot…). oh he ALSO had a violent tattoo on his arm. now see maybe all people with violent tattoos are a threat too!....

the usa WILL NEVER be able to stop these shootings. the reason is DEPRESSION affects more than 20% of the population in Canada/USA. no one can diagnose all these people or treat them. and a lot dont want help. and MOST wont go shoot up a school but it only takes one. just one day a person FLIPS OUT. if you dont have mental illness you will NEVER GET IT. cause they dont NEED a reason that makes sense to “regular” people. it makes sense in their mind.

in all seriousness if i was in the USA i would buy a gun and use as necessary. i mean IMAGINE if all these gunmen did NOT shoot themselves and actually LIVED. then where would the states be with some mutli million dollar trials!?!

you should be asking:

why do schools not have armed guards
why do schools not have metal detectors
why does the USA allow ONE person to own FOUR guns legally even!

those are concerns that COULD be met but wont be
cause the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS trumps all…

AND JUST WAIT til the al-kaeda suicide bombers come. and they will one day. these gun battles will look like pittance. it will be “remember the good old days”

ps – i am TOTALLY OPPOSED to gun violence and shooting up schools and all that. but society has neglected the mentally ill for too long. and people you would NEVER EXPECT to have issues DO have issues. they are just really good at hiding them.

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I think you have answered my question well, artemisdivine. The answer, perhaps, is simply that this young man has done a much better job of hiding his mental illness. Especially since he didn’t want to BE a mentally ill person. None of us do. So, I guess my “need to know” may continue to be thwarted! Thanks for your answer—the truth I was hoping to find simply is buried too deep, especially in the mind of one who is mentally ill, even though I am a medicated bi-polar person. So I can understand the depression argument. Just not at that level. Thanks!

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