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Why is it that when I am home in Chicago, every grocery store carries my favorite yellow mustard (Plochman's) along with several other brands, but in LA the only yellow mustard that stores seem to carry is French's?

Asked by ava (985points) February 20th, 2008

Perhaps Chicagoans are conniseurs of yellow mustards because of the Vienna hotdog thing, so grocery stores must have a supply for the demand, but what about us transplants living in LA?! WHY?!

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I guess it’s a east coast/regional thing. I’ve never heard of it. But it sounds like something I definitely want to try.

If you’re that desperate, you can order it directly from Plochman’s online:

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ha ha ha. LA is not a big fan of mustard? i love french’s (yes we have in Canada)

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My favorite thing about this question is the tag: Geographic Market Segmentation.

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Ava, I ask you: Why is it when I am home in Chicago, I can get a delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee, but when I am back in Laramie, WY (or anywhere west of the Mississippi River), there is no such thing? All I can get is Starbucks. Blech. I feel your pain.

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I think I am going to tag all of my questions with “Geographic Market Segmentation.”

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With a name like Plockman’s, it has to be good. Never heard of it on the East coast.

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Which brings up another similar question: Does Portillo’s in Buena Park use Plochman’s on their world-class dogs?

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