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Are Hellman's mayonnaise and Best mayonnaise the same exact thing?

Asked by ava (985points) February 20th, 2008

I noticed that when I lived in the midwest, grocery stores always carried Hellman’s mayonnaise, however now that I live in LA, all I see is Best mayonnaise, but the packaging and logo looks exactly the same as the Hellman’s logo and packaging. Also, I just had the Hellman’s jingle in my head which is “Bring out the Hellman’s and bring out the best!” Which of course led me to think that Hellman’s and Best are actually the same company. If this is the case, why would a company choose to market the same product with a different name within different geographic regions (that are still within the same country)?

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In the thirties Best foods (which was popular on the west coast) bought Hellman’s (which was popular on the east) the dividing line is the Rockies. My understanding is that they are the same recipe but it was decided that they didn’t want to screw up the branding. I live on the west coast and would be disturbed if Best Foods vanished and was replaced by Hellman’s. And back then they didn’t have TV to advertise the fact that they are the same thing.

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And actually, here in the Rockies you can find both Hellmanns and Best. Kinda strange.

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From the Hellmann’s website:

“Hellmann’s® is known as Best Foods® west of the Rockies.”

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FYI, pumas, catamounts, mountain lions, panthers, and cougars are all the same exact thing too.

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When I was a little kid in NY state in the fifties, the jingle went like this:

The whole egg, the whole egg, the whole egg goes into Hellmans’ real mayonnaise.
Hellman’s is so good so many ways,
Cause Hellman’s is the whole egg mayonnaise! Cluck Cluck it’s good!

I thought you would all want to know this.

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And Butternut bread out here is known as Weber’s. And Edy’s Ice Cream is called Dryer’s. McCormick seasonings used to be called Schiling out here as well. Forget about finding a good Canfield’s pop, though. We former Chicagoans need to unite!!!

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By the way, would you please tell me how to make a jar of any other brand of mayonnaise taste like Hellman’s?

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